Sivuca & Guitars Unlimited – Let’s Vamos (1987)

16 04 2013

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Sivuca & Guitars Unlimited - Let's Vamos

Sivuca & Guitars Unlimited - Let's Vamos-Back

Hello, good evening! I’m very tired today. It was one of those hard days that started very early and finished in the middle of the night. In the other hand, I’m now with that feeling of duty accomplished with several small advances. Although tired, I cannot skip the music scheduled for today at Loronix, which is another nice contribution sponsored by Jorge Mello and one of a few albums he said it was a winner. Let’s see.

This is Sivuca & Guitars Unlimited – Let’s Vamos (1987), for RGE, a Sivuca international collaboration with the legendary guitar duo Guitars Unlimited from Sweeden, lead by Ulf Wakenius. This is one of those albums were everything was works fine, the combination of guitar and accordion is really exciting and the friends of Guitars Unlimited are truly awesome musicians. Peter Almqvist is the other member of Guitars Unlimited. The session also had the participation of Glorinha Gadelha, Luizao and Fernando Pereira, a small group and a GREAT sound. Tracks include:



Guitars Unlimited
Ulf Wakenius, Peter Almqvist

Glorinha Gadelha
Fernando Pereira
(drums, percussion)

Track List

01 – Coisa Nº 10 (Moacir Santos)
02 – Vassourinhas (Mathias da Rocha / Joana Batista Ramos)
03 – Chorinho Pra Ele (Hermeto Pascoal)
04 – Trem Caipira (Villa-Lobos)
05 – Cheirinho de Mulher (Glória Gadelha / Sivuca)
06 – Noites Cariocas (Jacob do Bandolim)
07 – Cada Um Torce Como Pode (Sivuca)
08 – Tequila Sunrise (Ulf Wakenius)
09 – Nilopolitana (Dominguinhos)
10 – Xorinho Com X (Fernando O. da Costa Maia / Luizao Maia)


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