Hareton Salvanini – S.P. / 73 (1973)

30 08 2012

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I could not believe when I found this album at the R$ 1 (one Real, or US$ .50c) section of an influential vinyl store in Rio de Janeiro. Perhaps a new employee did it by mistake because the eyes of the shop owner went big as a golf ball and his humor changed when I claimed this album by this price. Some sellers at e-bay are listing this piece for more than a US$ 100.

Anyway, this is not the reason that I’m reposting this album, Hareton Salvanini – S.P. / 73 (1973) is really unique and deserves this “remastered” version with updates on cover artwork and also a new ripping, with FLAC files option. Let’s see.

This is Hareton Salvanini – S.P. / 73 (1973), for Continental, featuring the arranger, composer, singer and multi instrumentalist Hareton Salvanini, a pretty unknown artist for Brazil mass audience that recorded some albums in the early 70’s and then changed his career to jingle and soundtrack recording with more than 5,000 works delivered in decades. This album is still fresh after more than 30 years with Hareton Salvanini delivering orchestra, psychodelia, jazz and funk on a very well done melting pot that will make you feel like hearing Prelude by Eumir Deodato. I urge Loronixers to send feedback at comment section to help us understand a little bit more of Hareton Salvanini and his acclaimed S.P. / 73. Tracks include:


Rosario de Caria
(flute, piccolo)
Francesco Pezzella
(oboe, English horn)
Eduardo Pecci “Lambari”, Demetrio Santos Lima
(flute, clarinet, sax alto)
Izidoro Longano “Bolao”
(clarinet, sax tenor, flute)
Carlos A. de Alcantara Pereira “Mosquito”
(clarinet, sax tenor, flute)
Silvio Oliani, Francesco Celano
Heraldo do Monte
(guitar, violao, viola 12 cordas)
Mario Casali
(piano, organ, cravo)
Hareton Salvanini
(piano, celeste)
Sebastiao J. Gilberto “Butinao”, Settimo Paioletti, Geraldo Aunieni “Felpudo”, Dorival Auriani “Buda”
Severino Gomes da Silva “Biu”, Renato Cauchioli, Arlindo Bonadio, Iran Fortuna
Rubens de Souza Soares “Rubao”
(tumbadoras, percussion)
Antonino de Almeida “Toniquito”
Gabriel J. Bahlis

Track List

01 – Eu Hoje Acordei Com a Luz do Sol (Airton Salvanini / Haréton Salvanini)
02 – Salamandras (Haréton Salvanini)
03 – Prelúdio Em Si Bemol Menor (Haréton Salvanini)
04 – Viver (Airton Salvanini / Haréton Salvanini)
05 – Só (Haréton Salvanini)
06 – Sem Nome (Airton Salvanini / Haréton Salvanini)
07 – Primitivo (Haréton Salvanini)
08 – Irracional (Airton Salvanini / Haréton Salvanini)
09 – Papa – Mama (Haréton Salvanini)
10 – Imagem (Airton Salvanini / Haréton Salvanini)
11 – Yelris (Haréton Salvanini)


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Hareton Salvanini – A Virgem de Saint Tropez – OST (1974)

10 08 2011

Link original: Hareton Salvanini – A Virgem de Saint Tropez – OST (1974)
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This LP is a cult piece from the 70’s, the Original Soundtrack of the movie A Virgem de Saint Tropez (1974) by Hareton Salvanini. It is a intriguing record, mixing several influences to background the scenes from this soft-porn movie.

There is no need to take the kids out to listen to it, just some discretion with the cover, which could be to strong in the 70’s but too silly for the XXI century. To better describe this LP, I will take the help of a given collector review taken from a website.

“Rare Brazilian soft-porn movie soundtrack recorded by maestro/keyboard player Hareton Salvanini. Several amazing humming breezy erotic fusion themes, plus two great wah wah led blaxploitation style tunes. A true masterpiece of the genre, and as impossible to find as any other Brazilian movie OST.”


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