Aracy de Almeida e Ismael Silva – Show Samba Pede Passagem (1966)

25 02 2012

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My apologies to Ismael Silva, MPB-4, Carlos Poyares, Conjunto Samba Autentico, Partido Alto and Sidney Miller with his Grupo Mensagem, but this album is all about Aracy de Almeida, which is a Samba singer considered by Noel Rosa as the best interpreter of his compositions. Aracy de Almeida has a giant discography, mostly 78 RMPs and more than 50 years on recordings. My apologies also to do not make this post earlier, a friend of zecalouro sent this LP to Loronixers and I’m very happy to show it at the quality deserved.

This is Aracy de Almeida e Ismael Silva – Show Samba Pede Passagem (1966), for Polydor, recorded live at Teatro de Arena, Rio de Janeiro, December 1965, directed by Joao das Neves and Armando Costa, Musical Direction by Maestro Lindolfo Gaya and produced by Grupo Opiniao.

It is a shame that Aracy de Almeida is pretty unknown as a singer in Brazil. I don’t know exactly why and when, she made a shift on her career, leaving professional singing for a participation on a Brazilian TV Show, Show de Calouros, presented by Silvio Santos. I remember by the time Aracy de Almeida passed away, Brazilian media did not make a single mention of the great singer she was, but only as the woman of Show de Calouros. That’s why zecalouro is making two videos, the first is Aracy de Almeida performing Nao Me Diga Adeus (1975) and the second one is an excerpt of her participation at Show the Calouros. By the way, Aracy was fantastic on that show and I had a great time when I was a kid watching her. Tracks include:

Aracy de Almeida and Ismael Silva
(main performers)MPB-4

Carlos Poyares

Conjunto Samba Autentico
Edgar Barbosa
Hélio Cabral
João Laurindo

Grupo Mensagem
Sidney Miller
Paulo Thiago
Luis Carlos Sá
Marco Antônio
Sônia Ferreira

Partido Alto
Jorge Zagaia
Leléu da Mangueira

Track List

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