Gerry Mulligan with Jane Duboc – Paraiso (1993)

26 01 2012

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Friends, I don’t know what is going on today with the Internet in Brazil, I’m reaching Loronix such as the old times and those leased line connections and 1200/75 modems. I hope they get it fixed very soon. I’m happy to have some of Caetano’s contribution prepared in advance, but the choices are limited. Anyway, maybe we go business as usual in a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile, I want to show a very beautiful album sent by Caetano Rodrigues to Loronixers that is widely unknown in Brazil and probably outside also, showing a collaboration of a Brazilian singer that was never released at Loronix with an American Jazz legend. Let’s see how it works.

This is Gerry Mulligan with Jane Duboc – Paraiso (1993), for Telarc (USA), nice and unusual collaboration between the really legendary sax and clarinet player Gerry Mulligan and the Brazilian singer Jane Duboc. Gerry Mulligan is listed as the main performer, but it seems that this album is a Jane Duboc solo release. Gerry Mulligan plays in all tracks staying on background and making eventual solos. Most of the songs are Mulligan / Duboc partnerships with three Brazilian standards by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Multi-purpose release for people in Brazil and outside, blending Jane Duboc and Gerry Mulligan. Tracks include:

01 – Paraíso (Gerry Mulligan / Jane Duboc)
02 – No Rio (Gerry Mulligan / Jane Duboc)
03 – Sob A Estrela (Gerry Mulligan / Jane Duboc)
04 – O Bom Alvinho (Gerry Mulligan / Jane Duboc)
05 – Willow Tree (Gerry Mulligan / Jane Duboc)
06 – Bordado (Gerry Mulligan / Jane Duboc)
07 – Tarde Em Itapoã (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes)
08 – Amor Em Paz (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
09 – Wave (Tom Jobim)
10 – Tema Pra Jobim (Gerry Mulligan / Joyce)
11 – North Atlantic Run (Gerry Mulligan)

This is Gerry Mulligan with Jane Duboc – Paraiso (1993), at Loronix

Hope uEnjoy!


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