Orlandivo – Orlandivo com Joao Donato (1977)

1 10 2012

Link original: Orlandivo – Orlandivo com Joao Donato (1977)
Publicado em: Tuesday, November 06, 2007 by zecalouro

tcisalpino is a special contributor, he works on a very important segment, which is the upgrade of essential posts. tcisalpino recently make our day with his last Joao Donato – The New Sound of Brazil | Piano of Joao Donato (1965). Today he comes again with a very popular and solid album that even zecalouro did not remember. Thanks tcisalpino for providing the best possible quality to another mandatory upgrade.

This is Orlandivo – Orlandivo (1977), for Copacabana, released in the middle of the Saturday Night Fever discotheque boom, a weird time to Brazilian popular music, when things such like Bossa Nova was only a vague and distant event, in spite of having this peak only a decade before. Perhaps nobody gave attention to this album by the release time and this is a wonderful demonstration on how to make dancing music with a very good quality.

Joao Donato is in charge of arrangements, delivering also his undisputed groovy piano playing on Fender Rhodes, organ, piano and clavinet. Additionally, Alex Malheiros and Ivan Conti from Azymuth were also in this session, everything detailed at personnel listing, just before tracks. Tracks include:


(vocal, production)
Joao Donato
(piano, organ, electric piano, clavinet, arrangements)
Alex Malheiros
Ivan Conti “Mamao”, Papao
Helcio Milito, Chico Batera, Ariovaldo, Hermes
Geraldo Bongo
Durval Ferreira, Ze Menezes
(violao, guitar)
Airton Barbosa
Copinha, Geraldo
Luna, Suzana
(backing vocals)

Track List

01 – Tudo Jóia (Orlandivo / Durval Ferreira)
02 – Um Abraço no Bengil (Orlandivo / Durval Ferreira)
03 – Gueri-gueri (Orlandivo / Durval Ferreira)
04 – Tamanco no Samba (Orlandivo / Hélton Menezes)
05 – Juazeiro (Orlandivo / Durval Ferreira / Chico Anísio)
06 – Onde Anda o Meu Amor (Orlandivo / Roberto Jorge)
07 – Disse Me Disse (Orlandivo / Durval Ferreira / Chico Anísio)
08 – Palladium (Ed Lincoln / Orlandivo)
09 – Bolinha de Sabão (Orlandivo / Adilson Azevedo)
10 – A Felicidade (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.

Joao Donato – The New Sound of Brazil | Piano of Joao Donato (1965)

24 09 2012

Link original: Joao Donato – The New Sound of Brazil | Piano of Joao Donato (1965)
Publicado em: Tuesday, October 30, 2007 by zecalouro

I was browsing the posts made at the very beginning of Loronix wondering about one of those mandatory upgrades. I found this one and I understood immediately that I was in front of those ones who deserve better media and also visibility at the first page. However, opening the comment section, I found a writing of one of the most respectful and renowned fans of the music from Brazil, B.J. Major, the owner and maintainer of The Music Discographies at www.bjbear71.com, serving up the best selected discographies on selected musicians since 1999, which make me feel really moved. I will take the opportunity to bring B.J. Major comment to this post. I could not make better.

“I have to say something about this album, even though this is an older post and probably no one will see it. I have been acquainted with this album for several years. To learn about it was like getting hold of a treasure chest, with each track a shining colored jewel. This record is a masterpiece, totally exquisite. Donato’s playing is superb throughout. But what makes these jewels shine are the arrangements by Claus Ogerman. This is an album that deserves far more attention than it receives. It demands listening. Careful listening. The jewel that shines the brightest for me on the album is Donato’s “Jungle Flower”. Listen to what Claus does with the strings on opening, making them go higher and higher until you think they cannot go any higher. Then they do. This one track is worth the entire price of admission to the album.

I have nothing but superlatives to say about this album. There is not one flaw in it, not one tiny little mistake. It is absolute perfection and to me, is one of the greatest bossa nova albums ever recorded. An assemblance of unique craftsmanship and talent, from the composer right down to the arranger/conductor, who makes it all sing.” – B.J. Major

Do not miss B.J. Major website at www.bjbear71.com and learn more about this album, Joao Donato and selected musicians.

This is Joao Donato – The New Sound of Brazil | Piano of Joao Donato (1965), for RCA Victor, kindly sent (on demand) by the great tcisalpino to Loronixers. Tracks include:


Joao Donato
Richard Davis
Bill Goodwin
Dom Um Romao
(drums, percussion)
Luiz Bonfa
Carlos Lyra
Jerome Richardson
Jimmy Cleveland

Track List

01 – Amazon (Amazonas) (João Donato)
02 – Coisas Distantes (João Donato / João Gilberto)
03 – O Barquinho (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
04 – Manhã de Carnaval (Luis Bonfá / Antônio Maria)
05 – Esperança Perdida (Tom Jobim / Billy Blanco)
06 – Das Rosas (Dorival Caymmi)
07 – Jungle Flower (Flor do Mato) (João Donato)
08 – Sugarcane Breeze (Vento no Canavial) (João Donato)
09 – Insensatez (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
10 – Samba de Orfeu (Luis Bonfá / Antônio Maria)
11 – Glass Beads (No Coreto) (João Donato / João Gilberto)


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças ao amigo Flabbergast, ele pode ser buscado no Flabbergasted Vibes e na Rádio Forma e Elenco do Martoni.

Os Namorados | 78rpm – Sinter 532 (1953) featuring Joao Donato

10 09 2012

Link original: Os Namorados | 78rpm – Sinter 532 (1953) featuring Joao Donato
Publicado em: Monday, October 15, 2007 by zecalouro

This is a very early Joao Donato recording as member of Os Namorados, featuring an anthological recording of Eu Quero um Samba with Joao Donato performing at the accordion with a very similar rhythm introduced by Joao Gilberto five years later at Chega de Saudade recording. It is truly amazing that nobody gave attention to this recording. Perhaps it was so modern that nobody understood what Joao Donato was making on his accordion.

This is Os Namorados | 78rpm – Sinter 532 (1953), featuring the accordion of Joao Donato with the obscure vocal and instrumental group Os Namorados. Tracks include:

01 – Eu Quero um Samba (Haroldo Barbosa / Janeth de Almeida)
02 – Tres Aves Marias (Anibal Guimaraes)


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças ao amigo Amilcar, ele pode ser buscado provisoriamente aqui.

Alguém disponibilizou um vídeo no Youtube com as duas músicas:

Sobre “Os Namorados” tenho as informações adicionais:

Formado em 1953, juntando antigos membros de 2 outros grupos (Os Modernistas e Namorados da Lua), era formado por João Donato, Nanai, Miltinho, Chicão e Julio. Lançaram 3 RPMs:

Os Namorados – 78 rpm Sinter S-249 ou S-532, g.06/1953
Eu quero um samba (Haroldo Barbosa / Janet de Almeida)
Três Ave-Marias (Anibal Guimaraes)

Os Namorados – 78 rpm Sinter S-267, 10/1953
Palpite Infeliz (Noel Rosa)
Pagode em Xerem (Sebastião Gomes/Alcebádes Barcelos)

Os Namorados – 78 rpm Sinter S-284, 01/1954
Voce sorriu (Valdemar Gomes / José Rosa)
Não sou bobo (Nanai / Ari Monteiro / L. Machado)

Music Video | Joao Donato – A Paz

7 04 2012

Link original: Music Video | Joao Donato – A Paz
Publicado em: Monday, May 28, 2007 by zecalouro

Just a nice video powered by Luiz Harding showing Joao Donato performing A Paz (Joao Donato / Gilberto Gil). I’ll be back in 30 minutes or so while helping our trained crew of engineers on making everything ready for today and tomorrow, the start of Music from All Countries celebration.

Hope uEnjoy!


O vídeo acima foi enviado pelo bOssas nOvas. Encontrei mais dois vídeos com a música. O primeiro tem a participação do Gilberto Gil:


O segundo tem apenas João Donato com seu grupo:

Bud Shank – Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! (1966)

17 03 2012

Link original: Bud Shank – Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! (1966)
Publicado em: Wednesday, May 02, 2007 by zecalouro

Hello, Good Evening and Good night! I’m back from Sao Paulo vinyl fair. I arrived four hours ago, but I was so tired that I slept by accident when reading a magazine. Then I decided to come here and say hello, thanks everybody who was there and just let you know that tomorrow night I will be covering the fair, telling everybody what happened.

Meanwhile, I decided to post something solid from the start to end to please Loronixers tomorrow or early today or late this night or… well, I’m not sure, depends on your time zone.

This is Bud Shank – Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! (1966), for World Pacific, featuring Bud Shank, Laurindo Almeida, Chet Baker, Joe Pass, Clare Fischer and Joao Donato. Wow! I don’t think that you will never go wrong with an album titled Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! featuring this awesome musicians. Tracks include:

PersonnelBUD SHANK

Track List

01 – Summer Samba
02 – Elizeth
03 – Noturno
04 – Ontem a Noite
05 – Carnaval
06 – Sausalito
07 – If I Should Loose You
08 – Carioca Hills
09 – Samba do Aviao
10 – What Time it Was
11 – Quiet Nights
12 – The Color of Your Hair


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha. Como não está disponível em nenhum local, estamos disponibilizando provisoriamente na forma de um magnet link. OBS: não se esqueça de deixar semeando  depois que você terminar de baixar (uma boa razão seria pelo menos 2 vezes o que você baixar!)


Bud Shank, Joao Donato & Rosinha de Valenca – Bud Shank and his Brazilian Friends (1965)

20 02 2012

Link original: Bud Shank, Joao Donato & Rosinha de Valenca – Bud Shank and his Brazilian Friends (1965)
Publicado em: Friday, March 30, 2007 by zecalouro

When Loronix was a two months old baby, a respectful Brazilian music journalist told me about an album that should not be left behind to our community. I took his advice and a couple of days later; this record was available to Loronixers.

Now we will have the chance to make it available again on a a really better quality and the American edition cover. The first post was made on July 14, 2006 and I like my writing at that time, so I decided to bring it back again, with no changes, thanks Caetano for this more than required update.

July 14, 2006 writing:

zecalouro had great time today with a great friend. Lunchtime, nice meal we had. Music was the agenda, for sure. zecalouro could get a lot of knowledge about Brazilian instrumental music, Baden Powell, SambaJazz, Bossa Nova, etc. It was great. In the end, zecalouro received a piece of advice: “Listen to the Bud Shank, Joao Donato and Rosinha de Valença LP from Elenco (1965)”.

Since then, I’ve been with this LP and I could not stop. Recorded in 1965 for Elenco during Bud stay in Brazil, this LP has Joao Donato, Rosinha de Valença, which is a great guitar player, Sergio Mendes and his rhythm section, Tião Neto on bass and Chico Batera on drums.

… Back from the past

This is Bud Shank, Joao Donato & Rosinha de Valenca – Bud Shank and his Brazilian Friends (1965), for Pacific Jazz. Tracks include:


Bud Shank
(sax alto)
Joao Donato
Rosinha de Valenca
Tiao Neto
Chico Batera

Track List

01 – Sausalito
02 – Minha Saudade
03 – Samba do Aviao
04 – It was Night
05 – Silk Stop
06 – Caminho de Casa
07 – Um Abraco no Bonfa
08 – Once I Loved You
09 – Sambou, Sambou
10 – Tristeza em Mim


Este disco pode ser buscado no Br-Instrumental. A outra versão da capa (a brasileira) segue abaixo:

Joao Donato & Eloir de Moraes – Cafe com Pao (1997)

2 02 2012

Link original: Joao Donato & Eloir de Moraes – Cafe com Pao (1997)
Publicado em: Friday, March 09, 2007 by zecalouro

Hello, Good Night! Let’s start today with an album that came to our attention by a Loronixer that features a really unique and very obscure Brazilian artist, Eloir de Moraes. Eloir was an important contributor to Bossa Nova and overall Brazilian music; he started his career in 1945, as drummer at the legendary nightclub of Hotel Plaza, the same hotel that Jobim and others uses to watch Johnny Alf to see his unique playing. Eloir was also an active character at Beco das Garrafas, the legendary spot where many Bossa Nova legends made their performance.

In spite of his importance, Eloir de Moraes never recorded an solo LP, actually, this is the first Eloir de Moraes album in partnership with Joao Donato, recorded on a single week and produced by Almir Chediak. Eloir has passed in October, 2004 and this is Loronix small homage to this wonderful musician.

This is Joao Donato & Eloir de Moraes – Cafe com Pao (1997), for Lumiar Discos, featuring Joao Donato (piano, arrangements), Eloir de Moraes (drums), Arismar do Espirito Santo (bass), Ion Miniz, Raul de Souza, Ricardo Pontes and Altair Martins (sax, trombone, flute and trumpet) and Robertinho Silva (percussion). It is amazing that Eloir de Moraes had to wait 71 years to record his firs album. Tracks include:

01 – Sambou, Sambou (João Donato / João Mello)
02 – Fibra (Eloir de Morais / Paulo Moura)
03 – Nasci Para Bailar (João Donato / Paulo André)
04 – Até Quem Sabe (João Donato / Lysias Ênio)
05 – Hi-lili, Hi-lo (Halen Deutsch / Bronislaw Kaper)
06 – Nua Idéia (João Donato / Caetano Veloso)
07 – Café Com Pão (João Donato / Lysias Ênio)
08 – A Paz (João Donato / Gilberto Gil)
09 – A Rã (João Donato / Caetano Veloso)
10 – Amazonas (João Donato / Lysias Ênio)
11 – Simples Carinho (João Donato / Abel Silva)
12 – Minha Saudade (João Donato / João Gilberto)
13 – Speak Low (Kurt Weill / Harry Warren / Ogden Nash)


Last Minute Video: Joao Donato playing accordion at Rio Acre, take from YouTube as a hint from Mr. ABC.


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.

Joao Donato e Eumir Deodato – Donato Deodato (1969)

23 12 2011

Link original: Joao Donato e Eumir Deodato – Donato Deodato (1969)
Publicado em: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 by zecalouro

Hello, Good Night! I asked zecalouro to introduce to us 48 Hours of Tom Jobim, our tribute to Maestro. It will be amazing. Caetano Rodrigues is fully supporting us with unique releases. I cannot wait until tomorrow to start our tribute. Anyway, let’s make today a warm-up day, starting with another fine selection from Caetano, in response of a recommendation made at CBox from the great Beto Kessel suggesting this post. Let’s see the outcome of this conversation.

This is Eumir Deodato e Joao Donato – Donato Deodato (1969), for Muse, with autographs on cover made by Eumir Deodato, Joao Donato and Mauricio Einhorn to Caetano and his wife Lieze, really great, the autographs are very particular to each artist personality, Airto Moreira puts a drawing of a smiling face and Joao Donato writes like the way he speaks. You can see details clicking on the image cover above.

Donato Deodato features Joao Donato at the piano with arrangements by Eumir Deodato. The complete personnel listing is available bellow. Tracks include:


Eumir Deodato

Joao Donato

Randy Brecker

Michael Gibson

Romeo Penque

Mauricio Einhorn

Bob Rose

Allan Schwartzberg

Ray Barreto

Airto Moreira

Track List

01 – Whistle Stop (Eumir Deodato / João Donato / Barreto)
02 – Where’s J D (Eumir Deodato / João Donato)
03 – Capricorn (João Donato)
04 – Nightripper (João Donato)
05 – You Can Go (João Donato)
06 – Batuque (João Donato / Eumir Deodato)


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Br-Instrumental.

Conjuntos de Jose Marinho, Netinho, Waltel Branco e Joao Donato – Dance Conosco (1960)

23 11 2011

Link original: Conjuntos de Jose Marinho, Netinho, Waltel Branco e Joao Donato – Dance Conosco (1960)
Publicado em: Wednesday, December 27, 2006 by zecalouro

This is the second contribution of a great friend that, from now on, we will call as the already legendary Mr. E. What a great contribution, a release that puts an end on several doubts and assumptions taken from spare sources.

Meet, Conjuntos de Jose Marinho, Netinho, Waltel Branco e Joao Donato – Dance Conosco (1960), for Copacabana. Yes! That’s great Mr. E. this is a sought-after LP, featuring four top-notch musicians and their respective accompaniment bands or Seus Conjuntos.

Joao Donato plays trombone on his tracks with the help of Altamiro Carrilho on flute. Jose Marinho plays piano, Netinho, clarinet and Waltel Branco plays guitar. Another curiosity, everybody says that the cover is awful, quite disconnected from the great instrumental music we have inside. I don’t think so, it is a appealing cover and according with Copacabana – the back cover and the linear notes are included with the music -, this is a LP for dancing and the cover is perfect on this idea. Thanks once again, Mr. E. Attention for both Donato instrumental tracks, composed with Joao Gilberto. Tracks include:

01 – La Leyenda Del Beso (Paso Dias / R. Soutullo / J. Vert / E. Reoyo) — José Marinho e Seu Conjunto
02 – Ginga do Caramujo (Orlando Costa ”Maestro Cipó”) — Netinho e Seu Conjunto
03 – Devaneio (Djalma Ferreira / Luis Antônio) — Waltel Branco e Seu Conjunto
04 – Caravan (Mills / Duke Ellington / Tizol) — José Marinho e Seu Conjunto
05 – Mambinho (João Donato) — João Donato e Seu Conjunto with Altamiro Carrilho (flute)
06 – Minha Saudade (João Donato / João Gilberto) — João Donato e Seu Conjunto with Altamiro Carrilho (flute)
07 – Mambo Tropical (José Marinho) — José Marinho e Seu Conjunto
08 – Sob o Luar (Waltel Branco / Ivo Branco) — Waltel Branco e Seu Conjunto
09 – I Could Have Danced All Night (A. J. Lerner / F. Loeve) — Netinho e Seu Conjunto
10 – Cheio de Saudade (Waltel Branco) — Waltel Branco e seu Conjunto
11 – É do Que Há (Luis Americano) — Netinho e Seu Conjunto


Este disco pode ser buscado no Vinyl Maniac.

Joao Donato – Joao Donato e Seu Conjunto – Chá Dançante (1956)

30 07 2011

Link original: Joao Donato – Joao Donato e Seu Conjunto – Chá Dançante (1956)
Publicado em: Thursday, June 29, 2006 by zecalouro

This is a very old Joao Donato from the 50’s, specifically, 1956. One of the first Donato’s album, this album mixes swinging jazz with Brazilian Rhythms, such like: Baião, Choro, etc.

The early Donato is not playing the piano here; he is in charge of the accordion, his main instrument of his beginning. Relaxing, this nice LP gives all the hints that Donato would be a great Brazilian musician.


Este disco pode ser buscado no Original Pinheiros Style.

João Donato e seu Trio – Muito à Vontade (1962)

20 07 2011

Publicado em: Sunday, June 11, 2006 by zecalouro
Link original: Joao Donato e seu Trio – Muito a Vontade (1962)

Muito a Vontade is the way Donato is portraited at the artwork of the 1962 Joao Donato e seuTio – Muito a Vontade. Donato is relaxed, on beach sandals and with glass of juice (or caipirinha) in his hand.

This album was recorded in just 2 days and most of the songs were composed on the studio.

Joao Donato Trio was Joao Donato, Tiao Neto and Milton Banana.


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.