Juca Chaves – As Duas Faces de Juca Chaves (1960)

12 11 2011

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Hello, Good Night! This is a request of Frank-Oliver, a Bossa Nova and Brazilian music collector from Germany. It is hard to hear from Frank-Oliver the answer “I don’t have this LP!”, since this album is a missing piece on his collection, I decided to give it a try at Loronix. Let’s see.

Meet, Juca Chaves – As Duas Faces de Juca Chaves (1960), for RGE, the debut LP of a unique figure in the Brazilian musical scene. Juca Chaves music is all about corrosive humor against Brazilian politics and key figures of economy. However, the amazing fact is the vehicle that Juca Chaves uses to deliver his message, music, mainly sweet and romantic modinhas. The outcome is very funny, especially if you understand Portuguese. If you are in the mood of hearing something different, this is the right choice for today. Tracks include:

01 – Presidente Bossa Nova (Juca Chaves)
02 – Nasal Sensual (Juca Chaves)
03 – Violão no Ombro (Juca Chaves)
04 – Nós os Gatos (Juca Chaves)
05 – Atraso e Solução (Juca Chaves)
06 – Tô Duro (Juca Chaves)
07 – Menina (Juca Chaves)
08 – Aquarela de Sonhos (Juca Chaves)
09 – Musa Infiel (Juca Chaves)
10 – Por Quem Sonha Ana Maria (Juca Chaves)
11 – O Tempo Passa (Juca Chaves)
12 – Meu Violão Morreu (Juca Chaves)


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