Lana Bittencourt – Intimamente (1958)

27 09 2011

Link original: Lana Bittencourt – Intimamente (1958)
Publicado em: Friday, November 03, 2006 by zecalouro

This is a really hard to find Lana Bittencourt LP, Lana Bittencourt – Intimamente (1958), for Columbia, probably her debut LP. I’m happy to make this post, since Lana was “revealed” at Loronix with the album MusicalScope and since then, several friends came to my mailbox saying that Lana was forgotten on their memories and Loronix provided a revival of Lana on their minds.

Very strong statement, but with Lana Bittencourt there are extremes, several loyal fans and those ones that did not take a time already for her singing. No matter what is your position, take a time to hear this LP, a very early Lana Bittencourt work that worth a try. Tracks include:

01 – Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Você
02 – Esquecimento
03 – Porque É
04 – Quem Se Humilha
05 – Desistência
06 – Quero Ir à Bahia
07 – A Vontade de Morrer Voltou Toda
08 – Ave Maria
09 – Haja o Que Houver
10 – Rua da Minha Cidade
11 – Prece
12 – Tô Só


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Lana Bittencourt – Lana no 1800 (1965) Ao Vivo

19 08 2011

Link original: Lana Bittencourt – Lana no 1800 (1965) Ao Vivo
Publicado em: Thursday, August 24, 2006 by zecalouro

Lana Bittencourt reputation as a Brazilian Diva skyrocketed with her last Loronix release – Sambas do Rio. Taking advantage of this great Lana momentum, zecalouro proudly presents this out of print LP with a live recording of her 1965 show at Restaurante Rio 1800 in Rio de Janeiro.
Let’s see how Lana manages her art on a live set. Anyway, the only thing that zecalouro asks for clarification is about Restaurante Rio 1800, is this the same Barril 1800 that is opened for business today at the beginning of Ipanema beach in Rio? Please let us know. Tracks include:

01 – Medlley
– A voz do povo (Luiz Vieira – João do Vale)
– O neguinho e a senhorita (Noel Rosa de Oliveira-Abelardo da Silva)
– É um só (Gaya)
– Acender as velas (Zé Keti)
– Zelão (Sergio Ricardo)
– Nega maluca (Evaldo Ruy-Fernando Lobo)
– Implorar (Kid Pepe-Germano Augusto-Gaspar)
– Arrependimento (Cristóvão de Alencar-Silvio Caldas)
– É bom parar (Rubens Soares)
– Me deixa em paz (Monsueto-Airton Amorim)
– Está chegando a hora (Rubens Campos-Henricão)

02 – Castigo (Dolores Duran)

03 – Ma vie (A. Barrière)
– Au revoir (Vidalin-Becaud)

04 – Come te no c’e nessuno (Vassalo – Migliacci)
– Io che amo solo te (Endrigo)
– Amore scusami (Pallavicini-Mescoli)

05 – Perseguição (Adelino de Souza – Carlos da Maia)

06 – Summertime (Heyward – Gershwin)
– Singin’ in the rain (Brow-Freed)
– More (Ortoloni-Ciorciolini-Oliviero)
– My funny valentine (Rodger-Hart)


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Lana Bittencourt – Sambas do Rio (1960)

18 08 2011

Link original: Lana Bittencourt – Sambas do Rio (1960)
Publicado em: Monday, August 21, 2006 by zecalouro

Perfect match: Loronixer request + out of print LP + LP is good + available at zecalouro’s ark = POST. This post comes from this equation, zecalouro likes to run over recommendations and they are very useful to Loronix.

zecalouro presents Lana Bittencourt – Sambas do Rio (1960), all songs composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Luiz Antonio, appearing intercalated, as you can see at the track list.

Nice early 60’s Samba LP full of that huge brass and string orchestral arrangements very common in the 50’s. The cover is cool, with a landscape of Rio de Janeiro showing Pao de Acucar mountain, probably taken from Niteroi, anyway. Tracks include:

01 – Amor Amor (Luiz Antonio)
02 – Longe e o Ceu (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
03 – Poema das Maos (Luiz Antonio)
04 – Corcovado (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
05 – Eu e o Rio (Luiz Antonio)
06 – Outra vez (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
07 – Chorou Chorou (Luiz Antonio)
08 – So em Teus Bracos (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
09 – Estrada do Amor (Luiz Antonio)
10 – Fotografia (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
11 – Ri (Luiz Antonio)
12 – Este seu Olhar (Antonio Carlos Jobim)


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Lana Bittencourt – Lana em MusicalScope (1958)

9 08 2011

Link original: Lana Bittencourt – Lana em MusicalScope (1958)
Publicado em: Monday, August 07, 2006 by zecalouro

Lana Bittencourt is a Brazilian singer that started her career in 1954 and is still active and performing. Lana is known as “A Internacional” – The International – since she could easily sing in several languages. This is her 1958 LP, Lana em MusicalScope. If anyone known what is a “Musicalscope”, please tell me!

Musicalscope is probably a reference to the tracklist, which is composed by Brazilian songs and compositions in English and French, as follows:

01 – Alem (Edison Borges – Sidney Morais)
02 – With all my Heart (De Angelis – Marcucci)
03 – Ciúme (Renato de Oliveira – Fernando César)
04 – La vie en samba (Denis Brean – Blota Jr.)
05 – (Pinchi – Gieltz – Feliz)
06 – Alone – Why must I be alone (Craft)
07 – Se alguém telefonar (Alcyr Pires Vermelho – Jair Amorim)
08 – Summertime (Heyward – Gershwin)
09 – Gracas a Deus (Fernando Cesar)
10 – Himme a l’amour (E. Piaf – M. Monnot)
11 – Conselho (O. Guilherme – Denis Brean)
12 – Little Darlin’ (M. Williams)


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