Luis Vagner – Luis Vagner (1976)

10 09 2011

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We have here another Brazilian singer and composer from the 70’s that makes the joy of DJs and Soul fans all around. This is Luis Vagner – Luis Vagner (1976), his third solo LP, released several years after his first movement in the early 60’s as member of important Brazilian bands, such as: The Jetsons, further, Os Brasas.

Luis Vagner is also influenced by the Reagge genre, which was much more present on his music after this release. The Conjunto Pau Brasil accompanies Luis Vagner here, which is a band lead by the legendary Bedeu, an artist that you will probably meet in a couple of days at Loronix. AMG bio is included with relevant information. Tracks include:

01 – Guitarreiro (Luis Vagner)
02 – Lá no Partenon (Luis Vagner)
03 – Sufoco (Luis Vagner)
04 – Corcoveia (Luis Vagner)
05 – Cobra Criada (Luis Vagner)
06 – Camponesa (Luis Vagner)
07 – Frescura de Uma Mulher (Luis Vagner)
08 – Estás Loca de Linda Rita (Luis Vagner)
09 – Queres o Que Ô (Luis Vagner)
10 – Tesourão (Luis Vagner)

Paid tribute by Jorge Ben Jor with the song “Luiz Vagner Guitarreiro”, Luís Vagner has been a fighter for the cause of Brazilian soul music and reggae since the 60’s, having songs recorded by the classic black-psychedelia duo Tony Bizarro & Frankye Adriano (in Tony & Frankye, 1971, “Depois da Chuva no Posto Quatro”, by Luís Vagner/Tom Gomes), Paulo Diniz (“Como?”), Bebeto (“Segura a Nega”), Lady Zu, Tony Tornado, Wando (“Se Quiser Chorar por Mim”), Ronnie Von (“Sílvia”, “Vinte Horas”, “Domingo”), Adriana (“Justo Nesta Noite”), Eliana Pittman (“Vou Pular Neste Carnaval”), Luís Américo (“Camisa 10”), Sílvio Brito (“Espelho Mágico”) and others.Luís Vagner appeared in 1963 in Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul) as a member of The Jetsons. Participating in the TV programme Juventude em Brasa (TV Piratini) and recording a single with “Lutamos pra Viver” (1967), in 1966 they moved to São Paulo, changing the band’s name for Os Brasas, becoming musicians of the Banda Jovem do Maestro Peruzzi, which accompanied Eduardo Araújo in his successful TV performances. In that period Vagner had his “Magoei Seu Coração” recorded by Demétrius. Os Brasas also backed Deny & Dino and recorded a LP and several singles. After the end of the group in 1969, Vagner recorded a single with “Viagem Para o Sul” and “Moro no Fim da Rua” (having the latter being recorded by Wilson Simonal and Trio Esperança). His first LP came in 1974, Luiz Vagner Lopes. His “Guria” was included in the broadly popular soap opera Dancin’ Days in 1978 and released also in the album Fusão das Raças (1979). In 1982 he interpreted “Crioulo Glorificado” (Jorge Ben) in the MPB Shell Festival, included in Pelo Amor do Povo Novo. ~ Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide


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