Luiz Bittencourt e Sua Orquestra de Violoes – Vereda Tropical (1962)

3 10 2012

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Here we go on another nice contribution by the mighty Mauro R. V., one of the great vinyl finders of our community. The last Mauro contribution was the awesome 2º Concerto de Jazz de Camera no Teatro Municipal (1960), featuring several renowned musicians and now Mauro delivers an album recorded by an artist never shown before at Loronix, Luiz Bittencourt, a guitarist and composer that recorded a few albums with Nilo Sergio for Musidisc, such as this one that I never heard about. Let’s see.

This is Luiz Bittencourt e Sua Orquestra de Violoes – Vereda Tropical (1962), for Musidisc, featuring Luiz Bittencourt guitar in front of an unusual small orchestra assemble with four electric guitars, one rhythm guitar, bass, accordion, celeste, drums and a rhythm section. The outcome is “Para Dancar” music based on a repertoire blending Brazilian and international standards, produced by Nilo Sergio. Tracks include:

01 – Foi Ela (Ary Barroso)
02 – Begin The Beguine (Cole Porter)
03 – Jalousie (J. Gade)
04 – Ave Maria no Morro (Herivelto Martins)
05 – Vereda Tropical (Gonzalo Curiel)
06 – Despertar da Montanha (Eduardo Souto)
07 – Prenda Minha (Tradicional / Adpt. Luis Bittencourt)
08 – Morena Boca de Ouro (Ary Barroso)
09 – Fascination (F. D. Marchetti)
10 – Amor (Gabriel Ruiz / R. L. Mendes)


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças ao amigoAndreas, ele pode ser buscado provisoriamente aqui.