Luli – Luli (1965)

21 09 2011

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This is a solo record of a Brazilian singer that was very popular in the 70’s. This is Luli – Luli (1965), an obscure LP that was recommended by the mighty Bossanovadreamer. Luli recorded this LP in 1965 and could only get popular in the 70’s as a duet – very familiar to friends in Brazil – Luli e Lucina.

When Luli e Lucina (Heloisa Orosco Borges da Fonseca e Lucia Helena Carvalho e Silva) recorded their first LP in 1979, they had already together almost 800 compositions recorded by several renowned Brazilian artists.

It is amazing that an interval of fourteen years separates this record and the first Luli solo LP as a duet. Anyway, as said, a Bossanovadreamer recommendation is something that you cannot skip. Thanks Bossanovadreamer for letting me know the *existence* of Luli solo LP. Tracks include:

01 – Peço Licença (Walter Levita / Costa Júnior)
02 – Povo (Dalton / Silveira)
03 – Tristeza de Amar (Geraldo Vandré / Luis Roberto)
04 – Cadê Meu Barracão (Silveira / Dalton)
05 – Canto da Plantação (Luis Carlos Sá)
06 – Missão (Sidney Miller / Paulo Thiago)
07 – Baleiro (Luis Carlos Sá)
08 – Samba da Aurora (Luis Carlos Sá)
09 – Em Tempo de Vida (Luhli)
10 – Iná (Mário de Castro)
11 – Esta Favela Que Eu Amo (Zé Keti / Paulo Thiago / Sidney Miller)
12 – Sol (Luhli / Luis Fernando Borges)


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