Luperce Miranda – Interpreta Luperce Miranda (1978)

11 03 2013

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Hello, good evening! It is truly amazing that we can show important artists never made available before at Loronix after almost two years since we start this website. Brazilian music is really fascinating and seems to be endless. I remember several friends with fears of Loronix runs out of albums, in our fist year and I’m very happy with a new opportunity to introduce a new and important artist such like Luperce Miranda, a gifted bandolim player. Let’s see.

This is Luperce Miranda – Interpreta Luperce Miranda (1978), for MIS, recorded a few months before his passing in 1978. Luperce Miranda was born in 1904 and started playing bandolim with the age of eight, being also a great composer. This album shows Luperce Miranda as a musician and composer with 14 compositions by his own. Thanks to Museu da Imagem e do Som, the MIS label, for delivering historical albums of important Brazilian musicians. Tracks include:


Luperce Miranda
Arlindo, Voltaire, Jorge Luperce, Paes Leme, Cesar Moreno
Sa Neto

Track List

01 – Giceli (Luperce Miranda)
02 – Pixinguinha (Luperce Miranda)
03 – Reboliço (Luperce Miranda)
04 – Moto-contínuo (Luperce Miranda)
05 – No Meu Sertão (Luperce Miranda)
06 – No Céu (Luperce Miranda)
07 – Alma e Coração (Luperce Miranda)
08 – Quando Me Lembro (Luperce Miranda)
09 – Saudades (Luperce Miranda)
10 – Improviso (Luperce Miranda)
11 – Querida (Luperce Miranda)
12 – Salve o Rei (Luperce Miranda)
13 – Neá Sorrindo (Luperce Miranda)
14 – Caboclo Brasileiro (Luperce Miranda)


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