Mara Silva – Sucessos em Teleco-Teco (1962)

24 04 2012

Link original: Mara Silva – Sucessos em Teleco-Teco (1962)
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Hello, Good Evening! Mr. E., please, stop torturing us… I cannot stand longer… Just kidding. I feel like tortured when Mr. E. comes to my mailbox saying “I’m working on a new surprise for the next week…” I cannot wait quiet until the “surprises” reaches my hands, because I know it is always amazing. Take this one as the perfect example, a new Brazilian female singer, pretty unknown to everybody with orchestra and conjunto support lead by the legendary Moacyr Silva. Thanks Mr. E.

This is Mara Silva – Sucessos em Teleco-Teco (1962), for Copacabana. Little is known about this new singer. Mara Silva recorded several 78RPMs from the early 50’s, until this first and only LP for Copacabana. She was also a composer, performing her own compositions on several 78RPMs. This is a lovely Samba album with Moacyr Silva in charge of production and performing with Sua Orquestra e Conjunto, Maestro Diogo Pacheco — Pachequinho — is in charge of all arrangements. If someone has additional information about Mara Silva, please let us know about. Tracks include:

01 – Tudo Cabe Num Beijo
02 – Frio Em Minh’alma
03 – Alguém Me Disse
04 – Desesperadamente
05 – Rosa de Maio
06 – Pecado
07 – Vereda Tropical
08 – Quando o Tempo Passar
09 – História de Um Amor
10 – Não Digo o Nome
11 – Tão Somente Uma Vez
12 – Tarde Fria


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