Music Video | Baden Powel and Louis-Marcel Baden Powell

5 03 2012

Link original: Music Video | Baden Powel and Louis-Marcel Baden Powell
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zecalouro recommends that you cancel dinner, turn off TV and stay tuned at Loronix. After a long and never ending day, Caetano package has finally arrived at Loronix headquarters. We are now deciding today’s picks, which is a real treat since the records are solid and wonderful, as ever.

I declare Caetano Mode = ON, effective today and ending at Loronix 1st Anniversary day on May 12th. Posts will be a little bit delayed, but don’t zap around the other channels; we are running fast to make it ready as soon as possible.

Cheers, zeca

While waiting, stay with another Powered by Luiz Harding video with Baden Powell and his son, Louis-Marcel Baden Powell performing together.

Hope uEnjoy!


Além do vídeo acima, segue um programa (em duas partes) com o Marcel Powell, onde ele fala de sua carreira, de sua relação com o pai e toca um bocado: