Doces Barbaros – Doces Barbaros (1976)

28 07 2013

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Doces Bárbaros, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil & Maria Bethânia - Doces Bárbaros

I have a nice connection with this album and I’m glad it is back to Loronix again. The first time it was made available, it lasts less than 24 hours. I made it by mistake, a few copies were already being sold by an on-line store and now it has gone definitively out of print, which is a shame, this is a classic. As I said, this album was important for my background as an amateur musician and also to drag my attention to Brazilian music and the four giants that share the role of main performer, the tropicalia legends Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Gal Costa and Caetano’s sister Maria Bethania. Let’s see.

This is Doces Barbaros – Doces Barbaros (1976), for Philips, according with many reviews I read today, this is one of the nicest Brazilian popular music albums recorded in the 70’s. The group and the concert were assembled to celebrate 10 years of their artistic career. I also learn something that I did not know today, a DVD was released with original footage of these concerts as a documentary featuring backstage scenes and live performances. Meanwhile, let’s stay with this double album, in the spirit of Carmen Miranda Centennial. Tracks include:

Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa & Maria Bethania


Arnaldo Brandao
Chiquinho Azevedo
Djalma Correa
Mauro Senise
Perinho Santana
Tomas Improta
Tuze de Abreu

Track List

01 – Os Mais Doces Bárbaros (Caetano Veloso)
02 – Fé Cega Faca Amolada (Milton Nascimento / Ronaldo Bastos)
03 – Atiraste Uma Pedra (Herivelto Martins / David Nasser)
04 – Pássaro Proibido (Caetano Veloso / Maria Bethânia)
05 – Chuckberry Fields Forever (Gilberto Gil)
06 – Genesis (Caetano Veloso)
07 – Tarasca Guidon (Waly Salomão)
08 – Eu e Ela Estávamos Ali Encostados na Parede (Gilberto Gil)
09 – Esotérico (Gilberto Gil)
10 – Eu Te Amo (Caetano Veloso)
11 – O Seu Amor (Gilberto Gil)
12 – Quando (Gal Costa / Caetano Veloso / Gilberto Gil)
13 – Pé Quente Cabeça Fria (Gilberto Gil)
14 – Peixe (Caetano Veloso)
15 – Um Índio (Caetano Veloso)
16 – São João Xangô Menino (Gilberto Gil / Caetano Veloso)
17 – Nós Por Exemplo (Gilberto Gil)
18 – Os Mais Doces Bárbaros (Caetano Veloso)


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Caetano Veloso, Maria Bethania & Gilberto Gil – Velloso, Bethania, Gil (1968)

6 02 2013

Link original: Caetano Veloso, Maria Bethania & Gilberto Gil – Velloso, Bethania, Gil (1968)
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VellosoBethaniaGil (1968)

Here we go on another nice album, courtesy of the great JOAO-SP and his package of LPs featuring so far Maysa, Os Demonios da Garoa, Quinteto Violado, Adoniran Barbosa, Radames Gnattali and Rafael Rabello, Paulinho Nogueira, Nara Leao & Roberto Menescal and Elis Regina with Zimbo Trio. There is more to come and we did not reach 50% of JOAO-SP albums. Let’s see another.
This is Caetano Veloso, Maria Bethania & Gilberto Gil – Velloso, Bethania, Gil (1968), for RCA. I did not have time to make the research needed to understand if this album is a compilation. However, I think that side A features a compilation with tracks taken from previous releases of Caetano Veloso, Maria Bethania and Gilberto Gil, while side B brings new material with Maria Bethania performing Noel Rosa repertoire. My perception is that JOAO-SE sent us two albums in one, being side B the one that I like most with Maria Bethania performing six gorgeous Noel Rosa tunes with her unique voice. Personnel listing was not credited by RCA. Tracks include:

01 – Cavaleiro (Caetano Veloso) with Caetano Veloso
02 – Roda (Gilberto Gil / Joao Augusto) with Gilberto Gil
03 – Samba em Paz (Caetano Veloso) with Caetano Veloso
04 – Viramundo (Gilberto Gil / Capinan) with Maria Bethania
05 – Procissao (Gilberto Gil) with Gilberto Gil
06 – Iemanja (Gilberto Gil / Othon Bastos) with Gilberto Gil
07 – Tres Apitos (Noel Rosa) with Maria Bethania
08 – Pra que Mentir (Noel Rosa) with Maria Bethania
09 – Feitio de Oracao (Noel Rosa) with Maria Bethania
10 – Ultimo Desejo (Noel Rosa) with Maria Bethania
11 – X do Problema (Noel Rosa) with Maria Bethania
12 – Silencio de um Minuto (Noel Rosa) with Maria Bethania

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Maria Bethania e Caetano Veloso – Ao Vivo (1978)

9 12 2012

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Maria Bethania & Caetano Veloso - Ao Vivo (1978)

Maria Bethania & Caetano Veloso - Ao Vivo (1978)-BACK

It was very hard to decide this closing post. We have been on a safe course of posts and reposts of classic albums from the golden age of Bossa Nova, such like yesterday’s Alaide Costa and previous Quarteto em Cy with Tamba Trio, Nara Leao and Edu Lobo with Tamba Trio, anthological albums by legendary artists. However, it is now time to advance a decade and check something very solid from the 70’s. I hope you get pleased with my choice, as I got really amazed with Maria Bethania live performance when I took this album for a spin this afternoon, and she duets with his well-known brother, Caetano Veloso. Let’s see.

This is Maria Bethania & Caetano Veloso – Ao Vivo (1978), for Philips, recorded live in Canecao nightclub, Rio de Janeiro. I saw several Caetano Veloso concerts and I could remember this one. This is such like a rehearsal between brothers in their places. My highlight goes to 07 – Leaozinho, perhaps I was used with Caetano Veloso interpretation for this song and Maria Bethania just turns it on a new experience. Philips credited musicians in the set. Tracks include:


Tomaz Improta
Rosinha de Valenca
Perinho Albuquerque
Jamil Joanes
Juarez Araujo
(sax, flute)
Paulinho Braga
Monica Millet

Track List
01 – Tudo de Novo (Caetano Veloso) – Maria Bethânia e Caetano Veloso
02 – Carcará (João do Vale / José Cândido) – Caetano Veloso
03 – João e Maria (Chico Buarque / Sivuca) – Maria Bethânia e Caetano Veloso
04 – Número Um (Mário Lago / Benedito Lacerda) – Caetano Veloso
05 – Maria Bethânia (Capiba) – Caetano Veloso
06 – O Que Tinha de Ser (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) – Maria Bethânia
07 – O Leãozinho (Caetano Veloso) – Maria Bethânia
08 – Meu Primeiro Amor (Lejania) (H. Gimenez / Vrs. José Fortuna / Vrs. Pinheirinho) – Caetano Veloso e Maria Bethânia
09 – Falando Sério (Maurício Duboc / Carlos Colla) – Maria Bethânia
10 – Reino Antigo (Rosinha de Valença / Maria Bethânia) Adeus Meu Santo Amaro (Caetano Veloso) – Maria Bethânia e Caetano Veloso
11 – Maninha (Chico Buarque) – Caetano Veloso e Maria Bethânia
12 – Doce Mistério da Vida (Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life) (V. Herbert / Vrs. Alberto Ribeiro) – Maria Bethânia e Caetano Veloso


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Maria Bethania – Recital na Boite Barroco (1968)

30 05 2012

Link original: Maria Bethania – Recital na Boite Barroco (1968) 
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For those who do not read Portuguese, the previous post announces a Bossa Nova Festival in Rio de Janeiro, a real treat. I will be attending two days, Kiko Continentino with Mauricio Einhorn and Paulinho Trompete tribute to Durval Ferreira. If you live outside Brazil, buy your tickets or use those miles from your airline affinity program, it worth.

Let’s close today with a very early album by an important Brazilian female singer, accompanied by Terra Trio on a live presentation on Barroco nightclub, kindly made available to Loronixers by Justin from the great J Thyme…kind.

This is Maria Bethania – Recital na Boate Barroco (1968), for Odeon, featuring Terra Trio. It is amazing how Maria Bethania was already mature in her early years on this live set recorded in 1968. Bethania has the accompaniment of Terra Trio and the repertoire features songs from her brother Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Noel Rosa, Antonio Carlos Jobim and others. This is the first out of a series of Maria Bethania live albums, which are her best records; she is really amazing performing live. Tracks include:

01 – Marginália II (Gilberto Gil / Torquato Neto)
02 – Carinhoso (Pixinguinha / João de Barro) Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Você (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 – Último Desejo (Noel Rosa)
04 – Camisa Listada (Assis Valente)
05 – Marina (Dorival Caymmi)
06 – O Que Tinha de Ser (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
07 – Molambo (Jaime Florence “Meira” / Augusto Mesquita)
08 – Lama (Paulo Marques / Aylce Chaves)
09 – Pano Legal (Billy Blanco) Café Soçaite (Miguel Gustavo)
10 – Pé da Roseira (Gilberto Gil)
11 – Ele Falava Nisso Todo Dia (Gilberto Gil)
12 – Baby (Caetano Veloso)
13 – Maria Maria (Caetano Veloso / Capinan)


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Music Video | Maria Bethania – Carcara at Opiniao

23 04 2012

Link original: Music Video | Maria Bethania – Carcara at Opiniao
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This is history, provided by the mighty Luiz Harding. Maria Bethania performing Carcara, probably at the legendary show Opiniao, replacing Nara Leao. Definitively, Maria Bethania is a great artist, she delivers a very strong performance at a very young age. Thanks once again Luiz Harding.

Hope uEnjoy!

Vinicius de Moraes, Maria Bethania & Toquinho – Vinicius + Bethania + Toquinho En La Fusa (1971)

17 03 2012

Link original: Vinicius de Moraes, Maria Bethania & Toquinho – Vinicius + Bethania + Toquinho En La Fusa (1971)
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Everyday I learn a new thing at Loronix and this week I learn something that might be obvious to everybody. I always though that La Fusa would be some Italian word, since Vinicius de Moraes and Toquinho made several tours and albums in Italy. Then Caetano comes to me to say that La Fusa is a nightclub in Buenos Aires. Several puzzle pieces now matches in my mind, the anthological album, Vinicius, Toquinho e Maria Creuza em La Fusa was recorded live and Buenos Aires, La Fusa nightclub. With this knowledge, I could research something that I did not know, presented here to Loronixers.

This is Vinicius de Moraes, Maria Bethania & Toquinho – Vinicius + Bethania + Toquinho En La Fusa (1971), for Trova (Argentina). Really amazing. If you were plenty with the Maria Creuza La Fusa, now it is time to check how Maria Bethania makes it in La Fusa with Vinicius de Moraes and Toquinho. I think the “Grabado en Buenos Aires” at the cover artwork is wrong, every single website I could research says that this album was recorded live in La Fusa nightclub, Mar del Plata at 25 and 26, February, 1971. You should take it for a hearing. Their performance is great. Tracks include:


Mike Ribas
Alfredo Remus
Enrique “Zurdo” Roizner
Cacho Gomez

Track List

01 – A Tonga da Mironga do Kabuletê (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) with Toquinho and Vinicius
02 – É de Manhã (Caetano Veloso) with Maria Bethania
03 – Samba da Rosa (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) with Toquinho and Vinicius
04 – Testamento (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) (instrumental) with Toquinho
05 – Samba da Bênção (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes) with Toquinho and Vinicius
06 – Tarde Em Itapoã (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) with Toquinho and Vinicius
07 – Viramundo (Gilberto Gil / Capinan) with Toquinho and Maria Bethânia
08 – Apelo (Con El Soneto de Separación) (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes) with Vinicius de Moraes, Maria Bethânia and Toquinho
09 – Como Dizia o Poeta (Albinoni / Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) with Toquinho and Vinicius
10 – O Que Tinha de Ser (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) with Maria Bethânia
11 – O Dia da Criação (Vinicius de Moraes) with Vinicius de Moraes, Toquinho and Maria Bethania


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Music Video | Raulzinho & Maria Bethania

9 03 2012

Link original: Music Video | Raulzinho & Maria Bethania
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Hello, Good Evening! This video announces the start of another Brazilian music night at Loronix. We had great nights this week and it will be very easy to keep the pace at day four of Caetano Rodrigues releases. Some friends reported to sleep badly in the last three nights, so I will try, I said try; to make everything happens earlier today.

Luiz Harding made it again selecting for us another video with the legendary Brazilian trombonist Raul de Souza, according with Maria Bethania, the best trombonist in the world. By the way, Maria Bethania delivers a truly beautiful singing. You can see by yourself, just click at the arrow bellow or use the increase lens for a bigger version.

Hope uEnjoy!

Edu Lobo e Maria Bethania – Together (1966)

5 10 2011

Link na Internet Wayback Machine: Edu Lobo e Maria Bethania – Together (1966)
Publicado em: THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 2006

A treasure from 1966, Edu Lobo and a pretty young Maria Bethania. Bethania, which is now one of Brazilian Divas. Lobo is in charge of the arrangements and accompaniment band. They sing, alone in some tracks and make duets on others.

For those who are not familiar with Bethania, she has a strong and unique voice. Bethania was also involved with the legendary show Opiniao by Nara Leao, backing up Nara on later versions of Opinião.This is one of the unknown GEMS from Elenco portfolio.

Out of print, First at Loronix.

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