Maria Lucia Godoy – Maria Lucia Godoy e a Cancao Popular Brasileira e Napolitana (1979)

18 01 2013

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Maria Lucia Godoy e a Cancao Popular Brasileira e Napolitana (1979)



When the first album by Maria Lucia Godoy was made available, I did not realize that people would give positive and enthusiastic feedback such like I have been receiving on emails and comment section. I think a new audience was created to Maria Lucia Godoy with her last releases, which includes myself.

Last week I received notifications of a new website referring traffic to Loronix and for my surprise, it was Maria Lucia Godoy Official Website, a recently launched tribute to this great singer. It is an honor, Maria Lucia Godoy is a classical singer and having Loronix as a recommended site on their link section is something really beyond my current expectations. I urge Loronix to check Maria Lucia Godoy Official Website with lots of information on her career, photos and reviews, here (

This is Maria Lucia Godoy – Maria Lucia Godoy e a Cancao Popular Brasileira e Napolitana (1979), for Philips, featuring Maria Lucia Godoy performing on Side A a repertoire of Brazilian popular music with orchestra arrangements by Maestro Lindolpho Gaya and Side B with renditions to an Italian repertoire with arrangements of Maestro Francisco Mignone. Tracks include:

01 – Sabiá (Tom Jobim / Chico Buarque)
02 – Casinha Pequenina (Tradicional)
03 – Fiz a Cama na Varanda (Dilú Mello / Ovídio Chaves)
04 – É a Ti Flor do Céu (Tradicional)
05 – Quem Sabe (F. L. Bittencourt Sampaio / Antônio Carlos Gomes)
06 – Travessia (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)
07 – Torna a Surriento (E. de Curtis)
08 – Dicitencello Vuie (Fusco / Falvo)
09 – Marechiare (Tosti / Di Giacomo)
10 – Core’ Ngrato (Cardilio / Cordiferro)
11 – ‘a Vucchella (F. Paolo Tosti)


Como não está disponível em nenhum local, estamos disponibilizando provisoriamente na forma de um magnet link. OBS: não se esqueça de deixar semeando  depois que você terminar de baixar (uma boa razão seria pelo menos 2 vezes o que você baixar!)

Maria Lucia Godoy – Maria Lucia Godoy Interpreta Villa Lobos (1977)

29 12 2012

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Maria Lucia Godoy - Interpreta Villa Lobos (1977)

I’m sure that Maria Lucia Godoy has several admirers at Loronix, and I feel really glad about it, from a rather unknown to a very requested artist by many friends. It is not easy to find her albums and I was even satisfied with the two previous we made at Loronix. This third one, with Maria Lucia Godoy performing Villa Lobos at his 90th anniversary is a real find, she is truly gorgeous in this session and is backed by Sergio Abreu, a Brazilian guitarist, brother of Eduardo Abreu from the legendary and acclaimed Duo Abreu. Let’s see.

This is Maria Lucia Godoy – Maria Lucia Godoy Interpreta Villa Lobos (1977), for Philips, featuring an orchestra of cellos on tracks 01 to 05 conducted by Alceo Bocchino and the guitar and arrangements of Sergio Abreu on tracks 06 to 11. I’m making available a music video with Duo Abreu performing a Domenico Scarlatti Sonata, K.141 in 1974. Duo Abreu was internationally acclaimed, but had a short career. Sergio Abreu is now an international highly praised luthier since he left his career as musician in the beginning of the 80’s. Stay with Maria Lucia Godoy and do not miss Dou Abreu music video, perhaps their only known video performance. Tracks include:

01 – ”Bachianas Brasileiras Nº 5” Ária (Cantilena) (Villa-Lobos / Ruth Valadares Correia) Dança (Martelo) (Villa-Lobos / Manuel Bandeira)
02 – Na Paz do Outono (Villa-Lobos / Ronald de Carvalho)
03 – Lundu da Marquesa de Santos (Villa-Lobos / Viriato Correia)
04 – Desejo (Villa-Lobos / Guilherme de Almeida)
05 – Cantiga do Viúvo (Villa-Lobos / Carlos Drummond de Andrade)
06 – Canção do Amor (De ”Floresta do Amazonas”) (Villa-Lobos / Dora Vasconcelos)
07 – Cantilena (O Rei Mandou Me Chamar) (Villa-Lobos)
08 – Modinha (Villa-Lobos)
09 – Remeiro de São Francisco (Villa-Lobos)
10 – Canção do Poeta do Século XVIII (Villa-Lobos / Alfredo Ferreira)
11 – ”Suíte” A Menina e a Canção (Villa-Lobos) Quero Ser Alegre (Villa-Lobos) Sertaneja (Villa-Lobos)


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças ao amigo Martoni, ele pode ser buscado aqui.

Acredito que o vídeo é o que segue:

Maria Lucia Godoy – Maria Lucia Godoy Canta Poemas de Manuel Bandeira (1968)

13 08 2012

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Since the Brazilian classical singer Maria Lucia Godoy was introduced to Loronixers with O Canto da Amazonia, a tribute to Amazon Rainforest recorded in 1969, I have been receiving emails and comments requesting more music from Maria Lucia Godoy. I thought it would not be easy to find another album, but lucky has been on my side, for the happiness of our community.

This is Maria Lucia Godoy – Maria Lucia Godoy Canta Poemas de Manuel Bandeira (1968), for MIS, a tribute to Manuel Bandeira (* 1886 + 1968), a renowned writer, considered by many as the best Brazilian poet of the last century. Manuel Bandeira released more than 20 books of poetry, translated to several languages.

Maria Lucia Godoy is backed Murillo Santos at the piano and was once again in charge of repertoire selection, featuring Manuel Bandeira poems with music by Heitor Villa Lobos, Jaime Ovalle, Francisco Mignone, Gianfrancesco Guarnieri, Lorenzo Fernandes, Jose Siqueira and Edino Krieger. She did it again, this is a very beautiful album that has something very important in common with O Canto da Amazonia; both are all about Brazil, from the start until the end.


Tracks include:

01 – Dança do Martelo (Manuel Bandeira / Villa-Lobos)
02 – Modinha (Manuel Bandeira / Villa-Lobos)
03 – O Anjo da Guarda (Manuel Bandeira / Villa-Lobos)
04 – Azulão (Manuel Bandeira / Jaime Ovalle)
05 – Modinha (Manuel Bandeira / Jaime Ovalle)
06 – Dona Janaina (Manuel Bandeira / Francisco Mignone)
07 – Pousa a Mão na Minha Testa (Manuel Bandeira / Francisco Mignone)
08 – O Menino Dorme (Manuel Bandeira / Francisco Mignone)
09 – Impossível Carinho (Manuel Bandeira / Gianfrancesco Guarnieri)
10 – Canção do Mar (Manuel Bandeira / Lorenzo Fernandez)
11 – Madrigal (Manuel Bandeira / José Siqueira)
12 – Desafio (Manuel Bandeira / Edino Krieger)

Esse disco pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco do Martoni. OBS: como bem notado nos comentários, a música 09 é do compositor Camargo Guarnieri e não do ator, dramaturgo e poeta Gianfrancesco Guarnieri.

Maria Lucia Godoy – O Canto da Amazonia (1969) with Neco

14 07 2012

Link original: Maria Lucia Godoy – O Canto da Amazonia (1969) with Neco
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I was reluctant to make this post today; something on my mind was saying to leave it for another day. Then I started wondering about waking up late on Sunday and start the day on a slow manner hearing this fantastic music. This was enough to make me confident to show this album to Loronixers as the last post of today. This is not popular music, it is classical music, but it is so beautiful that you should make a try. Perhaps O Canto da Amazonia never had a CD reissue and I’m really glad to find this album, listed as one of the 100 Brazilian essential records at Luiz Americo website.

This is Maria Lucia Godoy – O Canto da Amazonia (1969), for Museu da Imagem e do Som, recorded to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Manaus city, Amazonas state, featuring the classical singer Maria Lucia Godoy, the guitar of Neco and arrangements of Maestro Guerra Peixe. O Canto da Amazonia has also another very important Brazilian artist, the composer Waldemar Henrique, a very important artist to Amazon region by his musical translations of the Amazon legends and myths, such as: Matintaperera, Uirapuru, Curipira, among others. Waldermar Henrique is in charge of most of Side B compositions of O Canto da Amazonia.

Maria Lucia Godoy is a great surprise. I think she brings all the birds from Amazon on her singing, being also in charge of a great accomplishment, the repertoire selection. Neco proves to be a real nice musician with his guitar being heard in all tracks. A small ensemble of clarinet, flute and cello was also in this great session. I urge Loronixers to feedback this release, which is dedicated to the great Amazon region and a very good Loronix friend from Canada. Tracks include:


Maria Lucia Godoy

Maestro Guerra Peixe


Bridget Moura Castro
Odete Dias Ernest
Peter Dausberg

Track List

01 – Acalanto da Rosa (Cláudio Santoro / Vinicius de Moraes)
02 – Luar de Meu Bem (Cláudio Santoro / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 – Pregão da Saudade (Cláudio Santoro / Vinicius de Moraes)
04 – Menina dos Olhos Verdes (Pedro Amorim / Pedro Tuffic)
05 – Toada Baré (Arnaldo Rebello)
06 – Mãe D’água (Guerra Peixe)
07 – Cantos de Cairé (Adpt. Villa-Lobos)
08 – Foi Boto Sinhá (Waldemar Henrique / Antônio Tavernard)
09 – Cobra Grande (Waldemar Henrique)
10 – Tanbatajá (Waldemar Henrique)
11 – Matintaperêra (Waldemar Henrique)
12 – Uirapuru (Waldemar Henrique)
13 – Curupira (Waldemar Henrique)
14 – Manhá-nungara (Waldemar Henrique)
15 – Murucututu (Tradicional)
16 – Cabocla Bonita (Tradicional)


Esse disco pode ser buscado no 300 Discos.