Mario Castro Neves and His Orchestra – Brazilian Mood (1973)

1 04 2012

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This is the close of this special celebration to Caetano’s birthday and I want to say that it was a special day with a grand finale. We got it! The previous Fogueira Tres and Sinter album will be mailed to Caetano, he does not have both on his collection. I think we made the impossible today.

Speaking about the impossible, this is another jewel that many collectors I know at Loronix are tracking down and was sent by Andrea Castro Neves, daughter of Mario Castro Neves, a fantastic friend of Loronix that will have a special place on this website from now on. Andrea and Mario sent this album to homage Caetano Rodrigues, best of both worlds, this is a truly amazing album that I could not stop listening to it since Andrea sent to us earlier today. Thanks Andrea and thanks Mario Castro Neves.

This is Mario Castro Neves and His Orchestra – Brazilian Mood (1973), recorded in London, UK, for Decca. Brazilian mood is solid from the start to the end, pretty self-explanatory, take a special attention to the Helena and I, it will sound familiar to you since it was included on a 1999 compilation “A Trip To Brazil Vol. 2: Bossa & Beyond”, dragging the attention of people from the acid-jazz scene. Mario Castro Neves leads and conducts an orchestra, playing also piano. Thanks Andrea, perfect gift you sent for Loronix community, I’m pleased and sure Loronixer will be also pleased with this fantastic release. Tracks include:

01 – Xaxado Blues (Mario Castro Neves)
02 – Watch What Happens (Michel Legrand / Norman Gimbel)
03 – The Whole Mess (Mario Castro Neves)
04 – The Look of Love (Burt Bacharach / Hal David)
05 – Macumba Mood (Mario Castro Neves)
06 – Loud and Clear (Mario Castro Neves)
07 – Hold my Hand (Mario Castro Neves)
08 – Helena and I (Mario Castro Neves)
09 – Wave (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
10 – Call me Up (Mario Castro Neves)
Last minute info: gpicanco has just sent to zecalouro the cover artwork of three albums that he is sending to Caetano Rodrigues as birthday gift. Thanks gpicanco, I don’t need to ask you if they are candidate or not to be Loronixided in a near future. Caetano will be amazed tomorrow morning.


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Mario Castro Neves & Messias – The Wonderful Latin American Sound of Brazil (1967)

22 03 2012

Link original: Mario Castro Neves & Messias – The Wonderful Latin American Sound of Brazil (1967)
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Hello, Good Evening! Do not miss Loronix party at Drink Cafe, Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro. If you are out of Rio, use your frequent flyer balance and come to the party, no transportation costs. Just kidding, I spoke with Kiko Continentino and he loved the idea of gathering Loronixers to his gig with Paulinho Guitarra, once in a lifetime opportunity to watch a nice instrumental music concert and get along with Loronixers.

Let’s start the day with an album that features two great musicians and it is all about party with nice female vocals and scats.

This is Mario Castro Neves & Messias – The Wonderful Latin American Sound of Brazil (1967), for RCA Victor. What you read is what you get, this is an album by the brother of the Legendary Oscar Castro Neves, Mario Castro Neves and the Brazilian guitar player Messias, a musician that people cannot stop talking about since Caetano sent us his tribute album to Antonio Carlos Jobim. This is not instrumental music, but a collection of Bossa Nova tunes backed up by a nice piano, bass, drums and guitar group and lyrics sung by girls. Tracks include:

01 – Candomblé (Edmundo Souto / Danilo Caymmi / Paulo Antônio)
02 – Yearning Lovers (Mário Castro Neves / Sarita)
03 – Nanã (Moacir Santos / Mário Telles)
04 – De Brincadeira (Edmundo Souto / Danilo Caymmi)
05 – Bye Bye Blackbird (R. Henderson / M. Dixon)
06 – E Nada Mais (Durval Ferreira / Luis Fernando Freire)
07 – Keep Talking (Donato / Crystal)
08 – Vem Balançar (Walter Santos / Tereza Souza)
09 – Once More (Thais do Amaral)
10 – Morte de Um Deus do Sal (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
11 – Tá Por Fora (Wilson Simonal / Chico Feitosa)
12 – Corcovado (Tom Jobim)
13 – Carolina (Chico Buarque)
14 – Costa Brava (Mario Castro Neves / Chico Feitosa)
15 – Rosa Morena (Dorival Caymmi)
16 – Estrada do Sol (Antonio Carlos Jobim / Dolores Duran)


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças aos amigos Bili e Martoni, ele agora pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco. Depois que ouvi o disco e lendo os comentários originais, vi que este disco é praticamente idêntico (apenas uma música a mais, “Bye Bye Blackbird”) ao disco “Mario Castro Neves & Samba SA” publicado anteriormente aqui. De fato, parece que o Zeca se confundiu e publicou o disco errado. Pesquisando na internet, achei a listagem abaixo para as músicas do “The Wonderful Latin American Sound of Brazil” ( ):

01. Candomblé
02. Summer Samba (Samba de Verão)
03. Corcovado
04. The Girl from Ipanema
05. Costa Brava
06. One Note Samba
07. Road to the Sun
08. Desafinado
09. Nãna
10. A Felicidade
11. Rosa Morena
12. Samba de Orfeu

Parece que o disco seria uma compilação com faixas do “Mario Castro Neves & Samba SA” e de outros discos do Messias (a maioria é do “O Melhor de Antonio Carlos Jobim interpretado por Messias” e outras não consegui identificar de onde vieram).  Pelo fato de estarmos com o disco errado, ele vai para a categoria “com defeito” .

Mario Castro Neves – Mario Castro Neves & Samba SA (1967)

2 08 2011

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Nothing can go wrong with this post. Mario Castro Neves – Samba SA (1967) is the kind of LP that can be a pleasure experience to everyone. Fantastic instrumental and vocal arrangements on Portuguese and American songs with a Samba approach in a relexed and cool Jazz fashion.

The vocals are beautiful and Mario arrangements are wonderful. The line up is Mario Castro Neves on piano, Novelli on bass and Normando on drums; vocals are Biba and Thais, gorgeous singers.


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.