Martinho da Vila – Meu Laiaraia (1970)

26 05 2012

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Hello, Good Evening! Saturday has a tradition of Samba album as the first post of the day, and today we are making a double Samba post partnered with J Thyme…kind website, which is also releasing today a Martinho da Vila album. Actually, Martinho da Vila took a long time to be released at Loronix, he is one of the greatest Samba interpreter and composer in Brazil, having a solid career that span decades with more than 30 albums released.

This is Martinho da Vila – Meu Laiaraia (1970), for RCA Victor. Another solid Samba album by the mysterious Samba contributor, Meu Laiaraia is the second Martinho da Vila album and is taken as one of his best records. The repertoire brings twelve Martinho da Vila compositions. The mighty Maestro Severino Filho from Os Cariocas and Ivan Paulo delivers nice arrangements that really make the difference. Tracks include:

01 – Meu Laiáraiá (Martinho da Vila)
02 – Volta Pro Morro (Martinho da Vila)
03 – Plim-plim (Martinho da Vila)
04 – Melancolia (Martinho da Vila)
05 – Madrugada Carnaval e Chuva (Martinho da Vila)
06 – Samba do Paquera (Martinho da Vila)
07 – Samba da Cabrocha Bamba (Martinho da Vila)
08 – Folia de Reis (Martinho da Vila)
09 – Samba de Irmão (Martinho da Vila / Pádua Correia)
10 – Linha do Ão (Martinho da Vila)
11 – Ninguém Conhece Ninguém (Martinho da Vila)
12 – Vamos Viver (Martinho da Vila)


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