Milton Nascimento – Journey to Dawn (1979)

20 06 2013

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Publicado em: Monday, December 29, 2008 by zecalouro

Milton Nascimento - Journey to Dawn

Hello, good evening! I had the feeling that something should be different while preparing this post. But I only understood what was causing this worry a few minutes ago. It was very easy to realize, just look at the last 7 albums and you will see they were released in the 1970’s, a big coincidence. I’m now missing the music from previous decades, which are the contributions I like most, for several reasons.

I swear that tomorrow this sequence is interrupted, if possible with something quite old, from the 1950s. Anyway, these are details when we have a record by Milton Nascimento, a good choice to start the last week of 2008. Let’s see.

This is Milton Nascimento – Journey to Dawn (1979), for A&M, recorded in the US, featuring Milton Nascimento backed by renowned Brazilian and American musicians. I had a great time with this album today, when I had the chance to hear for the first time. There are some well-known Milton Nascimento tunes here, such like Paula e Bebeto, Unencounter (mostly known as Cancao da America), Maria Maria, O Cio da Terra and my favorite, Credo, also available at Loronix Preview Center. Tracks include:


Milton Nascimento
(voice, violao, piano)
Nelson Angelo
(guitar, violao)
Hugo Fattoruso
(piano, keyboards)
Robertinho Silva
Nana Vasconcellos
Bill Kurausch & Co.
Gayle Levant
Steve Madaio
Chuck Findley
(trumpet, trombone)
Lon Price
(sax tenor)
Jim Price
Adi Moenda, Bell Moenda, Dina Moenda, Lina Moenda, Jim Price, Milton Nascimento, Nelson Angelo, Novelli, Lo Borges, Oscar Castro Neves, Beto Guedes, Maria Fatima, Robertinho Silva, Nana Vasconcellos, Hugo Fattoruso

Track List

01 – Pablo II (Milton Nascimento / Ronaldo Bastos) Pablo (Milton Nascimento / Ronaldo Bastos / Jim Price) Pablo II (Milton Nascimento / Ronaldo Bastos)
02 – Idolatrada (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)
03 – Unencounter (Cancao da America) (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)
04 – Maria Maria (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)
05 – Journey To Dawn (Milton Nascimento / Márcio Borges / Vrs. Gene Lees)
06 – O Cio da Terra (Milton Nascimento / Chico Buarque / Vrs. Jim Webb)
07 – Paula e Bebeto (Milton Nascimento / Caetano Veloso)
08 – Maria Três Filhos (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)
09 – Credo (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)
10 – A Louca (Milton Nascimento)


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Milton Nascimento – Geraes (1976)

17 05 2013

Link original: Milton Nascimento – Geraes (1976)
Publicado em: Thursday, August 28, 2008 by zecalouro

Milton Nascimento - Geraes

Hello, good evening! There is a couple of very important Brazilian music artists that are not approached like others at Loronix, and the reason is simple and straightforward, their career albums are commercially available. There are several examples; Milton Nascimento and Chico Buarque are the ones that come to my mind. I got surprised to know that Geraes, considered one of the best Milton Nascimento career albums had gone out of print. This is a very old contribution made by the mighty Luiz Harding, owner and maintainer of a tribute website to Edison Machado, which I want to say thanks for making this album available to our community. Let’s see.

This is Milton Nascimento – Geraes (1976), for Odeon, featuring a constellation of Brazilian musicians, including several very special guests, such like Chico Buarque sharing vocals with Milton Nascimento on 05 – O Que Sera, my choice to Loronix Preview Center. My knowledge on Milton Nascimento discography is very limited and my criterion to make this text was enthusiastic reviews I found at the internet and the pleasant listen I made tonight. Tracks include:

Special Guests

Mercedez Sosa
(Volver a los 17)
Chico Buarque
(O Que Sera)
Grupo Agua
(Caldera, Promessas do Sol)
Clementina de Jesus
(Circo Marimbondo)

(alphabetical order)

Bebel Gilberto, Beto Guedes, Chico Buarque, Fernando Leporace, Francis Hime, Lizzie Bravo, Milton Nascimento, Nelson Angelo, Miucha, Novelli, Piii, Tavinho Moura & Grupo Agua
Celso Woltzenlogel, Danilo Caymmi, Mauro Senise, Paulo Guimaraes, Paulo Jobim, Raul Mascarenhas
Chico Batera, Doutor, Elizeu Felix, Georgiana de Moraes, Luiz Alves, Luna, Marcal, Nana Vasconcellos, Nelson Araya, Robertinho Silva, Toninho Horta
Edison Machado, Robertinho Silva
Francis Hime, Joao Donato, Novelli, Toninho Horta, Wagner Tiso
(piano, organ)
Luiz Alves, Novelli, Renato Sbragia
Luiz Gonzales Carpena, Milton Nascimento, Nelson Angelo, Nelson Araga, Oscar Perez, Tavinho Moura
Nelson Angelo, Toninho Horta

Track List

01 – Fazenda (Nelson Ângelo)
02 – Calix Bento (Tradicional / Adpt. Tavinho Moura)
03 – Volver a Los 17 (Violeta Parra) Special Guest: Mercedes Sosa
04 – Menino (Milton Nascimento / Ronaldo Bastos)
05 – O Que Será (À Flor da Pele) (Chico Buarque) Special Guest: Chico Buarque
06 – Carro de Boi (Maurício Tapajós / Cacaso)
07 – Caldera (Nelson Araya) Special Guest: Grupo Água
08 – Promessas do Sol (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant) Special Guest: Grupo Água
09 – Viver de Amor (Toninho Horta / Ronaldo Bastos)
10 – Lua Girou (Tradicional / Adpt. Milton Nascimento)
11 – Circo Marimbondo (Milton Nascimento / Ronaldo Bastos) Special Guest: Clementina de Jesus
12 – Minas Gerais (Novelli / Ronaldo Bastos)


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Varios Artistas – Musica Popular Brasileira em Expansao (1965)

3 01 2013

Link original: Varios Artistas – Musica Popular Brasileira em Expansao (1965)
Publicado em: Friday, January 04, 2008 by zecalouro

Musica Popular Brasileira em Expansao (1965)

I’m sure you will be amazed, once again Caetano pleases us with another album with lots of fascinating details. I have searched for this one on every discography, auction site, search engines and I could not gather a single mention. If you Google “musica popular brasileira em expansao”, the result is null. Anyway, this is not what makes this album a treat. Let’s see.

This is Aecio Flavio e Sexteto, Berimbau Trio e Quinteto Sambatida – Musica Popular Brasileira em Expansao (1965), for Festival. Maestro Aecio Flavio is a well-known Brasilian artist that takes part on this session with a sextet on eight songs, Berimbau is the legendary Bossa Nova instrumental trio that brings the bassist Bituca, Wagner Tiso and Paulinho Braga and Quinteto Sambatida is so far an enygma. Bituca sings track 01 – Cancao do Sal with Aecio Flavio Sexteto and I will ask for Caetano Rodrigues help to review this album and explain who exactly is Bituca. Tracks include:

“In 1965, the producer Ismael Correa was given a task by the Festival Label. He was to bring together on one LP, three of the most significant groups from the Minas Gerais instrumental Bossa Nova scene (unknown at the time on the Rio – Sao Paulo axis). It would be just a good compilation album, if it was not for the curious participation of the Berimbau Trio bass player, nicknamed Bituca who sang “Cancao do Sal” with the sextet of the pianist Aecio Flavio. Later he changed back to his real name: Milton Nascimento.” – Caetano Rodrigues

Final and important message: you will see bellow a new Loronix feature, made available only for testing purposes. There you can have a “test drive” on four tracks of this album, including Cancao do Sal with Milton Nascimento vocals. I need feedback on this new feature to decide for a purchase and implementation on a regular basis. Please use comments section to provide feedback. Thanks in advance. Tracks include:

The Performers

Aecio Flavio Sexteto
Berimbau Trio
Quinteto Sambatida

Track List

01 – Cancao do Sal with Aecio Flavio Sexteto and the special guest Bituca
02 – Tamba with Berimbau Trio
03 – Nana with Aecio Flavio Sexteto
04 – Cheganca with Berimbau Trio
05 – Nuvens with Aecio Flavio Sexteto
06 – Arrastao with Aecio Flavio Sexteto
07 – Preciso Aprender a Ser So with Quinteto Sambatida
08 – Terra de Ninguem with Aecio Flavio Sexteto
09 – Mensagem with Quinteto Sambatida
10 – Joyce’s Samba with Aecio Flavio Sexteto
11 – Aleluia with Aecio Flavio Sexteto
12 – Waltema with Aecio Flavio Sexteto


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Milton Nascimento – Milton Nascimento (1967) w/ Tamba 4

9 05 2012

Link original: Milton Nascimento – Milton Nascimento (1967) w/ Tamba 4
Publicado em: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 by zecalouro

Every time I go to the great website, I come back with something that I didn’t know. I went there a couple of days ago to search for Luiz Eca participations as musician on albums of other artists and he was listed as arranger at Milton Nascimento first solo album. Checking the whole personnel listing, I saw, Luiz Eça, Ohana, Bebeto and Dorio playing together in all tracks of Milton Nascimento first LP. It is reasonable to say that Tamba 4, which had the same components at 1967, takes part at this record although they were not credited as “Tamba 4”. Perhaps everybody knows that and I’m the last one on earth to realize that, but I could not resist closing today with Milton Nascimento.

This is Milton Nascimento – Milton Nascimento (1967), for Codil Ritmos. Now I understand why this album is so great, with wonderful arrangements. Luiz Eca is in charge of arrangements in all tracks, sharing the role with Eumir Deodato on some. Besides Milton Nascimento violao, the others musicians are the four Tamba 4 members. If you did not have the chance to hear this record, make it. It is a classic, a essential. Travessia is truly beautiful and has one of the most beautiful arrangements I have ever seen. Tracks include:


Milton Nascimento
(voice, violao)
Luiz Eca
(arrangements, piano, voice)
(flute, voice)
(drums, voice)
(bass, voice)
Eumir Deodato
(arrangements on tracks Travessia and Morro Velho)

Track List

01 – Três Pontas (Milton Nascimento / Ronaldo Bastos)
02 – Crença (Milton Nascimento / Márcio Borges)
03 – Irmão de Fé (Milton Nascimento / Márcio Borges)
04 – Travessia (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)
05 – Canção do Sol (Milton Nascimento)
06 – Morro Velho (Milton Nascimento)
07 – Gira GirouU (Milton Nascimento / Márcio Borges)
08 – Maria Minha Fé (Milton Nascimento)
09 – Catavento (Milton Nascimento)
10 – Outubro (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha. Existe outra versão da capa, que segue abaixo.

Luiza – Luiza (1964)

5 11 2011

Link original: Luiza – Luiza (1964)
Publicado em: Monday, December 04, 2006 by zecalouro

Here we go now with a very nice album sent by the mighty Luiza is a Brazilian singer that made this self titled LP and just disappeared from the scene. Luiza was an active singer and took part on several Brazilian Festivals in the 60’s, the famous Festivais da Cancao.

This is Luiza – Luiza (1964), for RCA Victor. Luiza plays piano and acoustic guitar on this LP and is backed by a non-identified band. The arrangements are from Moacir Santos. Anyway, a great record presented by sabadabada that would make your day. Tracks include:

01 – Abandono (Chico Feitosa / Marcos de Vasconcellos)
02 – Sem Ter Por Que (Amaury Tristão / Roberto Jorge)
03 – Você (Ronaldo Bôscoli / Roberto Menescal)
04 – Passa Por Mim (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
05 – Deus Brasileiro (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
06 – Manhã Sem Você (Arisio / Luhli)
07 – Vai de Vez (Roberto Menescal / Luis Fernando Freire)
08 – Meu Caminho (Dori Caymmi / Edu Lobo)
09 – Meu Comportamento (Chico Feitosa / Marcos de Vasconcellos)
10 – Pensa (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
11 – Olhando Estrelas no Céu (Pacífico Mascarenhas / Gilberto Mascarenhas)
12 – Mar Amar (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)


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Quarteto Sambacana – Muito Pra Frente (1965) with Milton Nascimento

25 09 2011

Link original: Quarteto Sambacana – Muito Pra Frente (1965) with Milton Nascimento
Publicado em: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 by zecalouro

This LP is so amazing and for an unexplainable reason is being released several months after Loronix was born. Perhaps is part of human being nature that use to keep secret of things that he likes very much, but don’t blame zecalouro for keeping this record away that long, this classic is widely available and probably everybody already had the chance to listen to it before.

Anyway, this should make your day, Quarteto Sambacana – Muito Pra Frente (1965). Truly wonderful, considered the first recording by Milton Nascimento who sings and leads a vocal group formed by Milton Nascimento (solo), Gileno Tiso, Sergio Salles and Marcos de Castro. They really make the difference, accompanied by Oscar Galente and e Ubirajara Cabral (piano), Geraldo Vespar (acoustic guitar), J.T. Meirelles (flute and sax), Ed. Maciel and Joao Luis (trombone), Mauricio (piston), Moacir Marques (sax), J. Claudio (vibes), Tiao Marinho (bass) and Wilson (drums). Tracks include fourteen Pacifico Mascarenhas compositions, as follows:

01 – Tom da Canção (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
02 – O Vento Que Soprou (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
03 – Até Você Voltar (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
04 – Aladim (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
05 – Era Um Dia Assim (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
06 – Estrela Caindo (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
07 – Eu e Você (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
08 – Sem Me Olhar (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
09 – Fui Olhar Pra Você (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
10 – Mesmo Céu (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
11 – Você É Muito Mais (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
12 – Tarde Azul (Pacífico Mascarenhas / Marcos de Castro)
13 – Apareceu na Tarde (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
14 – O Navio e Você (Wagner Tiso / Pacífico Mascarenhas)


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