Monarco – Monarco (1976)

27 02 2013

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monarcoI think this is a perfect close of our first 2008 Samba Saturday at Loronix. Monarco is considered one of the greatest Samba composers in Brazil and never had an approach at Loronix. This is one of the greatest findings of my mother, an album where everything works close to perfection. Monarco performs his compositions backed by a constellation of Brazilian musicians and although recording only a few albums across decades, he is a wonderful Samba interpreter. Let’s see.

This is Monarco – Monarco (1976), for Continental, the first Monarco career LP, featuring the participation of Velha Guarda da Portela, which is a group of renowned Samba artists of Escola de Samba Portela in Rio de Janeiro. Monarco has Ze Menezes in charge of arrangements and features Neco, Dino 7 Cordas, Jorginho, Luizao, Wilson das Neves and many others. I think you cannot skip this one, even if you are not a Samba fan. Tracks include:


Ze Menezes
(arrangements, violao, cavaquinho, bandolim)
Jorge Menezes
Mane do Cavaco, Neco
Dino 7 Cordas
(violao 7 cordas)
Doutor, Elizeu Felix, Gordinho, Luna, Marcal
Luizao Maia
Wilson das Neves
Abel Ferreira
(sax, clarinet)

Track List

01 – O Quitandeiro (Paulo da Portela / Monarco) with Velha Guarda da Portela
02 – Ingratidão (Monarco / José Mauro)
03 – Desengano (Aniceto)
04 – Amor Verdadeiro (Monarco)
05 – Tudo Menos Amor (Monarco / Walter Rosa)
06 – Mangueira e Suas Glórias (Monarco)
07 – Duelo Fatal (Monarco)
08 – Amor Fiel (Monarco)
09 – Glorias do Samba (Monarco)
10 – Conselho (Monarco / Manacéa)
11 – Lenço (Monarco / Francisco Santana)
12 – Enganadora (Monarco / Alcides Dias Lopes)


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