Moraes Moreira – Cara e Coracao (1977)

3 10 2013

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Hello, good evening! I’m very proud of you. We are very close to reach our goal at another dedicated server campaign. This is really awesome. Thank you! I thought we would not make it this year. And the most important, this kind of initiative is all about commitment, is about my commitment to the community to keep Loronix alive for another year. Anyway, I cannot say anything besides thank you to all and the show must go on. Let’s see.

This is Moraes Moreira – Cara e Coração (1977), for Som Livre, which is the second solo LP of Moraes Moreira, founder and perhaps the most successful member of the legendary group Os Novos Baianos, a favorite of many Loronixers. This is the first Moraes Moreira career LP released at Loronix, kindly provided by AdHoc, which is a guarantee of an impeccable transfer, high quality scans and mainly, a very solid listen, as aways. Thanks AdHoc. Tracks include:

01 – O Que É o Que É (Moraes Moreira)
02 – Pombo Correio (Double Morse) (Dodô / Osmar Macedo / Moraes Moreira)
03 – Yogue de Ouvido (Armandinho Macedo / Moraes Moreira)
04 – Às Três da Manhã (Herivelto Martins)
05 – Samba da Bahia de Todos os Santos (Moraes Moreira / Rogério Duarte)
06 – Hino Nordestino (Moraes Moreira)
07 – Meiufin (Moraes Moreira / Chacal)
08 – Davilicença (Armandinho Macedo / Moraes Moreira)
09 – Acordei (Moraes Moreira)
10 – Cara e Coração (Moraes Moreira)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Martoni.