Muraro – O Incrivel Muraro (1958)

19 01 2012

Link original: Muraro – O Incrivel Muraro (1958)
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This is a lovely record of a very old and popular pianist, my Grandfather would love to hear this music. Perhaps nobody heard about this artist, except a few ones, such like Caetano Rodrigues. Let’s see what happens with this one.

This is Muraro – O Incrivel Muraro (1958), for BSA, featuring Muraro (piano) and orchestra. I could not search successfully for Muraro info and I do not know if he got some recognition when active from the 30’s to the early 60’s, but it is always a pleasure to show new artists at Loronix and hopefully brings some good memories for the ones who where in touch with their art at the period they where active. When we close this circle, I feel good feelings. Tracks include:

01 – Cabôca de Caxangá (Catulo da Paixão Cearense)
02 – Aruê Aruá (Catulo da Paixão Cearense)
03 – Beija-flor (Ernesto Nazareth)
04 – Ontem ao Luar (Catulo da Paixão Cearense / Pedro de Alcântara)
05 – Guerreiro (Ernesto Nazareth)
06 – Vesper (Ernesto Nazareth)
07 – Luar do Sertão (Catulo da Paixão Cearense)
08 – Cruz Perigo (Ernesto Nazareth)
09 – Sagaz (Ernesto Nazareth)
10 – Nasci Para Te Amar (Anacleto de Medeiros / Catulo da Paixão Cearense)
11 – Pierrot (Ernesto Nazareth)
12 – Apollonia Pinto (Catulo da Paixão Cearense)


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças aos amigos Eliane e Martoni, ele agora está disponível na Rádio Forma e Elenco.