Special Post | Challenge + Quimsy

15 02 2012

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Publicado em: SATURDAY, MARCH 24, 2007

Now that everybody is skilled on comments why not make a different challenge? Let’s try. This is a special challenge that was sent by Quimsy, another Brazilian music oasis at the Internet, up and running since January 2006, four months before Loronix first day.I want to invite everybody to Quimsy, this cover is only a teaser of what you will find there. Quimsy is http://quimsy.blogspot.com

Let’s get back to challenge. I’m making available this time an amazing album and a great problem, Quimsy and zecalouro does not know all tracks name, album name and even main performer. Cover artwork is not available also. Anyway, I will make it with no Rapidshare, direct link to the music, just to gather more participants on this jointly effort to identify this record.

Make your try. I had a guess that could not be confirmed; send your findings at comment section.

This is unknown – unknown (date unknown), for label unknown, at Loronix, here. (no Rapidshare!)

Hope uEnjoy!

For those who cannot wait longer, this is track 1011 and 12 just click to hear in another window.

PS.: The album worth the investigation.

Não tenho a menor idéia de qual seria o disco. Os arquivos não estão disponíveis e nem a postagem do Zeca nem os comentários foram suficientes para descobrir. O disco vai para a categoria “não tenho“. Alguém sabe que disco era este, ou tem o arquivo, mesmo não sabendo qual era o disco?