Nelly Martins & Tito Madi – Encontro no Sabado (1959)

29 08 2013

Link original: Nelly Martins & Tito Madi – Encontro no Sabado (1959)
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Hello, good evening! I’m confident that many friends will be surprised with this album, such like us. I’m saying us because my transfers are now different from the way it was. Now I have an audience, a small, but very influent audience. They try to influence my choices and also make recommendations for future releases by digging my collection. This album provoked a very interest reaction on my small board of advisors, as soon as the transfer ended, they requested another spin, which was an appropriate request, this record is really amazing, Tito Madi and the surprising Nelly Martins worked as a team delivering a beauty of an album that you cannot miss. Let’s see.


This is Nelly Martins & Tito Madi – Encontro no Sabado (1959), for Continental. The information available about Nelly Martins was very limited on my computer and something very strange happened when I started searching Google. The website which provided better details on Nelly Martins was Loronix, really. Nelly Martins appears on a very old challenge post accompanied by Lúcio Alves, Johnny Alf and and Tito Madi, available here or at the picture in your left.

Additionally, Loronix comment section told me that Nelly Martins was married with the mighty Maestro Radames Gnattali, which is also the arranger of Encontro no Sabado.

Nelly Martins did not leave many records, only some 78RPMs and two LPs, Encontro no Sabado (this album) and an amazing instrumental piano album recorded in duo with Radames Gnattali, Radames Gnattali & Nelly Martins – Piano Duo (1967). What a nice story. Nelly Gnattali is also a gifted pianist and today works on preserving the memory of Radames Gnattali. Part of her work is available at Radames Gnattali official website, here. And as a last minute information, I found a YouTube video with Nelly Martins singing and Radames Gnattali performing at the piano, here. I said this post is amazing! Tracks include:

01 – Encontro no Sábado (Tito Madi / Georges Henry)
02 – Se (Mário Albanese / Nagib Nader)
03 – Quero-te Assim (Tito Madi)
04 – Faz Tanto Tempo (Tito Madi)
05 – Por Que (Pedro Dellober)
06 – És Tu (Domicio Augusto / Milton Silva)
07 – Eu e Você (Tito Madi)
08 – Esquece-me (Gabriel Migliori / Hélio Prado)
09 – Olha-me Diga-me (Tito Madi)
10 – Palavras ao Vento (Sergio Malta)
11 – Que Coisa Louca (C’est Magnifique) (Cole Porter / Vrs. João de Barro)
12 – Tu e Eu (Altamiro Carrilho / Armando Nunes)

Este disco pode ser buscado no Flash Strap. O vídeo citado pelo Zeca não está mais disponível no Youtube, Em compensação encontrei outro vídeo em que Nelly Martins canta com Agnaldo Rayol a música “Luar de Paquetá”, no filme “Garota Enxuta” de 1959.