Nelson Angelo e Joyce – Nelson Angelo e Joyce (1972)

10 12 2011

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Hello, Good Night! I will not forget that Juarez Araujo post from yesterday with the pictures sent by Jean Yves. Great. Everybody is happy, Jean sent me a very nice email and I received other warm messages from Loronixers. I just want to make one thing clear, the guy at the cover of Juarez LPs is not Juarez, perhaps a contracted person just to make the photos.

Anyway, let’s talk about this post; this is Nelson Angelo e Joyce – Nelson Angelo e Joyce (1972), for Odeon, the third Joyce LP from Joyce, a Brazilian singer with several fans at Loronix. Joyce was married with Nelson Angelo when this LP was recorded in 1972. I think this makes the difference on this nice album with both playing and making several duets together as they were rehearsing on their living room. People say that this is a classic album from Brazilian MPB in the 70’s. Let’s check it together. Tracks include:

01 – Um Gosto de Fruta (Nelson Ângelo / Joyce)
02 – Hotel Universo (Nelson Ângelo / Ronaldo Bastos)
03 – Sete Cachorros (Nelson Ângelo / Joyce)
04 – Linda (Nelson Ângelo / Joyce)
05 – Comunhão (Nelson Ângelo / Joyce)
06 – Ponte Nova (Nelson Ângelo / Joyce) – with: Novelli
07 – The Man From The Avenue (Nelson Ângelo / Joyce)
08 – Tiro Cruzado (Nelson Ângelo / Márcio Borges)
09 – Pessoas (Nelson Ângelo / Joyce)
10 – Meus Vinte Anos (Joyce / Ronaldo Bastos)
11 – Mantra (Nelson Ângelo / Joyce)
12 – Vivo Ou Morto (Danilo Caymmi / João Carlos Pádua)
13 – Tudo Começa de Novo (Nelson Ângelo / Joyce)


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Woodstock Sound. Existe uma segunda versão da capa, que segue abaixo: