Niki Ayoube – Bossa Nova Jazz Samba (1962) | Canada

8 04 2012

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It was really a treat listening this album and also a little bit confusing. The main performer is Nick Ayoub, but at a first sight, it seems we have a record made by a duo, Rosita and Deno. The story is delicious and is all about a promotion, everyone who bought this album could take the back cover to one of Rosita and Deno dancing schools and claim 2 free Bossa Nova lessons. Fascinating. Buy the album, hear the music and get 2 free dancing classes with Rosita & Deno.

This is Nick Ayoub – Bossa Nova Jazz Samba (1962), for Trans Canada Music Company, a wonderful instrumental album featuring Niki Ayoube and his orchestra. Personnel is not credited but we have top-notch musicians at this set. The repertoire is also unusual with music that seems to be composed only for this album. I never danced in my life and if I were in Canada by that time, the story of my life could be different with Nick Ayoube and Rosita & Deno, only Caetano to bring such wonderful discoveries to Loronix. Tracks include:

01 – Canadian Bossa Nova
02 – Prelude to Bossa Nova
03 – Nick’s Nova
04 – Gella Nova
05 – New One
06 – Aureles
07 – Bossa Me
08 – Bossa Nova Orientale
09 – Bossa Sway
10 – Jazz me In
11 – Bossa Nova Nr. 12
12 – Samba Basque

Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças aos amigos Bili e Martoni, este disco pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco.

Canada is the country number 10 in terms of visitors sent to Loronix last year. Most of Canadian users came from Toronto and Montreal, sharing together more than 50% of visits. It is fantastic to see that more than one hundred Canadian cities had been at Loronix.

I do not have any Canadian Loronix friend to say thanks, except Rowan, which is a Brazilian living in Canada. I would like to say thanks to all Canadian Loronix and I hope you continue supporting our community in the forthcoming year.

Do not miss Caetano’s music to Canada, truly awesome.

Thanks, zeca