J.T. Meirelles

18 04 2013

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Meirelles & Os Copa 5 - O Som

We lost today another very important Brazilian musician, J.T. Meirelles, leader of the anthological Meirelles e Os Copa 5 one of the first Samba Jazz groups from the 60’s.

J.T. Meirelles was a gifted saxophonist, flutist and arranger and this is Loronix tribute to one of the fathers of Samba Jazz, Meirelles first album with Os Copa 5, O Som, released in 1964 by Philips, featuring J.T. Meirelles (tenor sax, flute), Pedro Paulo (trumpet), Luiz Carlos Vinhas (piano), Manoel Gusmao (bass) and Dom Um Romao (drums).

I am very sad to report the passing of two important musicians in such a short space of time.



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Meirelles e Os Copa 7 – Tropical (1969)

8 01 2012

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Get set for a really nice record, solid from start to end, including this wonderful cover artwork. A record that was a commercial failure by the time of its release in 1969, being discovered and taken to the place were it should belong between the classic Samba Jazz records only a couple of years ago through a release. Blame it on zecalouro and his small green head to forget this record for such a long time.

This is Meirelles e Os Copa 7 – Tropical (1969), for London, not to be taken as the 70’s group Copa 7, this is a expanded J.T. Meirelles Copa 5. Tropical is a very curious record, a Samba Jazz classic based on American tunes, instead of Bossa Nova standards. Several musicians that we are appreciate are on the set, such as: Juarez, Dom Salvador, and many others. It is all explained bellow. This is a really self-explanatory release. Tracks include:


Chico Batera
Dom Salvador
Helcio Milito
J.T. Meirelles
Jorge Arena
(sax tenor)
Maurillio Santos
Pedro dos Santos
Robertinho Silva
Pedro Barroso

Track List

01 – Sombrero Sam
02 – Taboo
03 – The Jody Grind
04 – Fuego
05 – Barefoot Sunday Blues
06 – The Gringo
07 – Tropical
08 – Poinciana
09 – On Green Dolphin Street
10 – Summertime


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Meirelles e os Copa 5 – O Novo Som (1965)

1 08 2011

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The second release by sax player JT Meirelles and his legendary Copa 5 – remember Copa 5, a breathtaking quintet that featured Eumir Deodato on piano, Edison Machado on drums, Roberto Menescal on guitar, Manoel Gusmao on bass, and Waltel Branco on electric guitar. The trackspick up from the brilliance of the group’s first album — mixing bossa nova with Americanhardbop styles, soloing majestically with a skill that you’ll find in few other Brazilian groups of the time. The album’s a winner both for fans of jazz and Brazilian rhythms.


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Edit by 300 discos: depois de muita conversa (ver comentários) conseguimos chegar à conclusão de qual seria a capa original deste disco, que é a apresentada acima. A questão foi levantada pelo AD a partir da capa vermelha abaixo, que concluímos ser apenas a cobertura de papelão do CD. A outra capa na sequência, parecida com a original, é a capa do lançamento do disco em CD, pois apresenta uma faixa bônus que não existia no LP: “O Barquinho”, gravada após o lançamento do LP. Maiores detalhes, consulte os comentários deste post.