Os Satelites – Arrasta a Sandalia (1957)

22 09 2011

Link original: Os Satelites – Arrasta a Sandalia (1957)
Publicado em: Friday, October 27, 2006 by zecalouro

Hello, this day should be a great day at Loronix, I have been receiving many contributions of great LPs from several friends. It’s now 9PM in Brazil and by now I have received five new LPs, which means that if you sent something today, yesterday or even this week, don’t worry, there is a logical waiting list. Loronix has four daily posts and zecalouro needs to make his choices balancing each day among several picks, such as: instrumental, samba, choro, singer, etc.

Thanks everybody! It has been really nice to stay in touch with all you.

The first pick of the day is really cool. This is an LP of a Brazilian vocal and instrumental band that has released just this single album, Os Satelites – Arrasta a Sandalia (1957) for Odeon, really obscure group with a not credited line-up. Maestro Pachequinho is in charge of the orchestral arrangements with Samba! Very swinging, remembering sometimes Brazilian Carnaval from the 40’s. Make your try using the 30s streaming bellow. Tracks include:

01 – Arrasta a Sandália (Osvaldo Vasques “Baiaco” / Aurélio Gomes)
02 – É Bom Parar (Rubens Soares)
03 – Mulher Exigente (Almirante)
04 – Yaya do Balacuchê (Rubens Soares)
05 – O Que Será de Mim (Ismael Silva / Nilton Bastos)
06 – Poeira (J. Santos / Abigail Moura)
07 – Cai Cai (Roberto Martins)
08 – Tava na Roda do Samba (Salvador Correia)
09 – Foi Ela Que Me Deixou (Luis Nunes Sampaio)
10 – Diz Que Vai Vai Vai (Haníbal Cruz)
11 – Na Pavuna (Almirante / Candoca da Anunciação)
12 – Ba Bá Be Bé Bi Bi (Luis Nunes Sampaio)


Não tinha este disco. Porém, graças à colaboração do Amilcar e do Fulano Sicrano, ele está disponível no Um que Tenha.