Oscar Brown Jr. & Luiz Henrique – Finding a New Friend (1966)

26 02 2013

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Oscar Brown Jr. e Luiz Henrique - Finding a New Friend (1966)

Hello, good evening! We will have a solid start today, showing a contribution coming from a new friend that lives outside of Brazil, probably overseas, carefully prepared and offered with FLAC files and nice hi-res scans of front and back cover. Our international collaborator says that Oscar Brown Jr. and Luiz Henrique deliver a perfect collaboration between a North American artist and a Brazilian artist and this is really worth checking out. Let’s see.

This is Oscar Brown Jr. & Luiz Henrique – Finding a New Friend (1966), for Fontana, featuring Sivuca arrangements on tracks 01 – Laia Ladaia, 02 – Nothin’ but a Fool and 08 – Dawn Comes Again with Luiz Henrique is in charge of the remaining tracks. Finding a New Friend is all about the friendship of both main performers since the first time they met in 1965 at Greenwich Village Coffee House. The repertoire features a blend of America tunes with Brazilian music, including several songs written by Luiz Henrique in partnership with Oscar Brown Jr. Loronix Preview Center features the title track 07 – Finding a New Friend (Luiz Henrique / Oscar Brown Jr.). Tracks include:

01 – Laia Ladaia
02 – Nothin’ but a Fool
03 – Manha de Carnaval (Luiz Bonfa / Antonio Maria)
04 – Much as I Love You (Luiz Henrique / Oscar Brown Jr.)
05 – I had no Idea (Luiz Henrique / Oscar Brown Jr.)
06 – Wham Bam Thank You Mam (Oscar Brown Jr.)
07 – Finding a New Friend (Luiz Henrique / Oscar Brown Jr.)
08 – Dawn Comes Again (Luiz Henrique)
09 – Listen to Me (Luiz Henrique)
10 – The Answer to my Prayer (Oscar Brown Jr.)
11 – Seeing Maria (Luiz Henrique / Oscar Brown Jr.)
12 – Barra Limpa (Luiz Henrique / Oscar Brown Jr.)


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças ao amigo Andreas ele pode ser buscado provisoriamente na forma de um magnet link. OBS : não se esqueça de deixar semeando  depois que você terminar de baixar (uma boa razão seria pelo menos 2 vezes o que você baixar!)