Varios Artistas – Musica Popular Brasileira em Expansao (1965)

3 01 2013

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Musica Popular Brasileira em Expansao (1965)

I’m sure you will be amazed, once again Caetano pleases us with another album with lots of fascinating details. I have searched for this one on every discography, auction site, search engines and I could not gather a single mention. If you Google “musica popular brasileira em expansao”, the result is null. Anyway, this is not what makes this album a treat. Let’s see.

This is Aecio Flavio e Sexteto, Berimbau Trio e Quinteto Sambatida – Musica Popular Brasileira em Expansao (1965), for Festival. Maestro Aecio Flavio is a well-known Brasilian artist that takes part on this session with a sextet on eight songs, Berimbau is the legendary Bossa Nova instrumental trio that brings the bassist Bituca, Wagner Tiso and Paulinho Braga and Quinteto Sambatida is so far an enygma. Bituca sings track 01 – Cancao do Sal with Aecio Flavio Sexteto and I will ask for Caetano Rodrigues help to review this album and explain who exactly is Bituca. Tracks include:

“In 1965, the producer Ismael Correa was given a task by the Festival Label. He was to bring together on one LP, three of the most significant groups from the Minas Gerais instrumental Bossa Nova scene (unknown at the time on the Rio – Sao Paulo axis). It would be just a good compilation album, if it was not for the curious participation of the Berimbau Trio bass player, nicknamed Bituca who sang “Cancao do Sal” with the sextet of the pianist Aecio Flavio. Later he changed back to his real name: Milton Nascimento.” – Caetano Rodrigues

Final and important message: you will see bellow a new Loronix feature, made available only for testing purposes. There you can have a “test drive” on four tracks of this album, including Cancao do Sal with Milton Nascimento vocals. I need feedback on this new feature to decide for a purchase and implementation on a regular basis. Please use comments section to provide feedback. Thanks in advance. Tracks include:

The Performers

Aecio Flavio Sexteto
Berimbau Trio
Quinteto Sambatida

Track List

01 – Cancao do Sal with Aecio Flavio Sexteto and the special guest Bituca
02 – Tamba with Berimbau Trio
03 – Nana with Aecio Flavio Sexteto
04 – Cheganca with Berimbau Trio
05 – Nuvens with Aecio Flavio Sexteto
06 – Arrastao with Aecio Flavio Sexteto
07 – Preciso Aprender a Ser So with Quinteto Sambatida
08 – Terra de Ninguem with Aecio Flavio Sexteto
09 – Mensagem with Quinteto Sambatida
10 – Joyce’s Samba with Aecio Flavio Sexteto
11 – Aleluia with Aecio Flavio Sexteto
12 – Waltema with Aecio Flavio Sexteto


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