Paulo Alencar and His Orchestra – Great Hits of Brazil (1962)

9 12 2011

Link original: Paulo Alencar and His Orchestra – Great Hits of Brazil (1962)
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This post has a meaning to zecalouro, it will please Caetano Rodrigues, surprisingly, Caetano does not have this record and I’m very excited and happy to thrill the master. This is the second Paulo Alencar album at Loronix, the first one was provided by Caetano, Jazza Nova. Now it is zecalouro’s time to give back with a single record everything that Caetano is providing to Loronixers.

This is Paulo Alencar and His Orchestra – Great Hits of Brazil (1962), for KAPP Records. The cover is explicit, this album was recorded in Rio de Janeiro, however, I think it is not an international edition of a “regular” Paulo Alencar LP, it is something tailor made for the international audience. I hope that you enjoy this LP and just want to say to Caetano that it is already on MD, for him. Tracks include:

01 – Samba de morro (Altamiro Carrilho)
02 – Amigo velho (Nascimento – de Alencar)
03 – Chorou, chorou (Luiz Antonio)
04 – Palhaçada (Barbosa – Reis)
05 – Balada triste (Vogeler – da Silva)
06 – Ninguém é de ninguém (Silva – Gomez – Mergulhao)
07 – Você passou (Vermelho – de Brito)
08 – Nêgo véio (Araujo – Tavarez)
09 – Samba feliz (Santiago – Martins)
10 – Menina moça (Luiz Antonio)
11 – Rosamelia (Humberto Teixeira)
12 – Poema da flauta (Peixe – Santiago)


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças à Eliane e ao Fulano Sicrano, ele agora está disponível no Um que Tenha. Um detalhe é que este disco é, de fato, a versão internacional do disco “Um baile bem” , cuja capa vai abaixo.

Paulo Alencar and His Brazilian All Stars – Jazza Nova (1963)

27 09 2011

Link original: Paulo Alencar and His Brazilian All Stars – Jazza Nova (1963)
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I’m making something different today, starting the show by the main attraction that was scheduled for yesterday and could not be released. This post is also the second out of a continuous series of releases in collaboration with Caetano Rodrigues.

Actually, for the past 5 days I have been thinking how could I make a public congratulation message at Loronix for the help and enthusiasm of Caetano with Loronix community. Caetano has been so nice with Loronix that a single congratulation message like this one cannot represent my feelings.

I will not resist saying that I’m a new and very happy owner of Caetano’s Bossa Nova book that came with a handwriting message of Caetano that makes my copy unique. Thanks for it Caetano and welcome to our community. You are one of the great Loronix friends.

Yesterday, I was planning with Caetano all the six initial releases sent with the book. We decided that the greatest one – absolute secret to Loronixers – will be the last one. Since this is the second, stay tune during upcoming week.

This is Paulo Alencar and His Brazilian All Stars – Jazza Nova (1963), original released by Odeon as Bossa Nova Jazz – MOSD 3323. This release speaks by itself, a Jazzy LP from the early 60’s with all-stars musicians on the set and arrangements of Maestro Cipo, including piano, guitar, bass, percussion, sax, and horns on a sextet. Unfortunately, musicians were not credited, even the gorgeous Ziriguidoom singer. Bossanovadreamer will enjoy it a lot, those guys blows great. Tracks include:

01 – Verbo Amar (Herivelto Martins)
02 – Idéias (Cipó)
03 – West samba (Cipó)
04 – Why do I remember (Paulo Alencar)
05 – Ziriguidoom (Monsueto)
06 – Bossa no. 2 (Radamés Gnattali)
07 – It’s really bossa (Julio Barbosa)
08 – Hello America (Haroldo Barbosa)
09 – There is no reason (Cipó)
10 – Where was I (Armando Cavalcanti)


Não tinha este disco. Graças à colaboração dos amigos Martoni e Fulano Sicrano, este disco está agora disponível no Um que Tenha.