Paulo Diniz – Paulo Diniz (1973)

13 07 2012

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Publicado em: Friday, August 24, 2007


Hello, Good Evening! Let’s start this Friday with an artist that received nice feedback from Loronixers and it is not released since October 2006, almost a year. I’m speaking about Paulo Diniz a really underrated Brazilian artist that was very active in the early 70’s, releasing several albums in a row by Odeon. Let’s see.

This is Paulo Diniz – Paulo Diniz (1973), for Odeon, featuring Dom Salvador at piano and organ on a perfect transitional album to the awaited Saturday Samba day at Loronix. The highlight goes to 02 – Jose, one of his most successful songs, music by Paulo Diniz on top of a poem by Carlos Drumond de Andrade and 09 – Miradouro with nice Dom Salvador piano playing. Tracks include:

Dom Salvador
(piano, organ)
Marcelo, Frederiko
Paulo Diniz, Luis Carlos
Marcelo, Hurgo
Lula Sorriso
Track List
01 – Vou-me Embora (Paulo Diniz / Roberto José)
02 – José (Paulo Diniz / Carlos Drummond de Andrade)
03 – Bahia Comigo (Paulo Diniz / Odibar) with Odibar
04 – Gosto Aborrecido (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
05 – Chora Morena (Tradicional mineiro / Adpt. Paulo Diniz)
06 – Quem Tem Um Olho É Rei (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
07 – Rasgo Seda à Bessa (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
08 – Como (Luis Vagner)
09 – Miradouro (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
10 – Maria Portugal (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
11 – Pés Descalços (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
This is Paulo Diniz – Paulo Diniz (1973), at Loronix.  Hope uEnjoy!

Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças aos amigos Amilcar e Fulano Sicrano, esse disco podia ser buscado no Um que Tenha. Agora está disponível em melhor qualidade no J. Thyme Kind.

Paulo Diniz – Paulo Diniz (1974)

20 10 2011

Link na Internet Wayback Machine: Paulo Diniz – Paulo Diniz (1974)
Publicado em: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2006

If you have listened to Paulo Diniz for the first time at Loronix by his last post, the LP Quero Voltar para Bahia, don’t feel guilty or embarrassed, we are mates, Paulo Diniz was completely unknown for me.

Let’s make a another try to Paulo Diniz – Paulo Diniz (1974), released for Odeon SMOFB 3801, in my humble opinion, better then that last one with a personnel listing that worthy the highlight, as follows:


Chords and brass orchestra arrangements
Geraldo Vespar, Orlando Silveira and Jose Roberto Bertrami

Musical Direction
Maestro Lindolfo Gaya

Augusto Cesar
Cleudir, Rubinho and Jose Roberto Bertrami
(organ, piano and synths)
Lecio, Mamao, Wilson das Neves and Gerson
(drums and percussion)
Odibar, Renato Correia, Gonden Boys and Trio Esperanca
(acoustic guitar)

Gerson King Combo
(there is a photo on back cover but his participation is not credited)


01 – Pirim Pim Pim (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
02 – Pedra do Arpoador (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
03 – Love Question (Paulo Diniz)
04 – Cante Alguma Coisa (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
05 – Mito Solar da Morte (Pedro Jaguaribe)
06 – São Paulo Demais (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
07 – Vê Se Pisa no Braseiro (Paulo Diniz / Odibar) – with: Odibar
08 – Baião (Luis Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
09 – Balão Colorido (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
10 – Sem Você no Interior (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
11 – Chica Bethânia (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
12 – Rena Rendou (Paulo Diniz / Odibar) – with: Odibar

Do not miss Paulo Diniz – Paulo Diniz (1974), at Loronix.

Este disco pode ser buscado no Fiume 10.

Paulo Diniz – Quero Voltar pra Bahia (1970)

19 10 2011

Link na Internet Wayback Machine: Paulo Diniz – Quero Voltar pra Bahia (1970)
Publicado em: MONDAY, OCTOBER 09, 2006

Let’s start the day with a LP that should surprise many friends, this is Paulo Diniz – Quero Voltar pra Bahia (1970), the second release by this Brazilian singer and composer that has his origins on the Jovem Guarda movement, but turns his music here in a surprisingly Funky and Soul experience with some psycho influences.

That’s all, AMG bio is enclosed and tracks include:

01 – Piri Piri (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
02 – Um Chope Pra Distrair (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
03 – Ninfa Mulata (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
04 – Quero Voltar Pra Bahia (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
05 – Felicidade (Lupicínio Rodrigues)
06 – Marginal III (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
07 – Chutando Pedra (Nenéo)
08 – Chega (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
09 – Canseira (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
10 – Ponha Um Arco-íris na Sua Moringa (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
11 – Me Leva (Nanuk)
12 – Sujeito Chato (Paulo Diniz / Pedrinho)

Paulo Diniz knew success in the ’70s with compositions and interpretations soaked with the freewheeling spirit of those times, a mixture of post-1968 protest with the joyous character of Bahian music. “Quero Voltar Pra Bahia” (“I Wanna Go Back to Bahia”), a nostalgic tribute to Caetano Veloso who was exiled in London at the time, was recorded by several other interpreters, including Fagner. Diniz also had his “Símbolo de Paz” recorded by Elizeth Cardoso; “Pingos de Amor” by several interpreters, including Araketu, Kid Abelha, Neguinho da Beija-Flor and Sula Miranda; “Chega” by Simone; “Um Chope Pra Distrair” by Emílio Santiago; and “Canseira” by Clara Nunes. Having gone very early to Recife (Pernambuco), where he spent a poor and difficult childhood, Paulo Diniz worked as a crooner and drummer in nightclubs, also performing as an actor and speaker at Rádio Jornal do Comércio. In 1964, he went to Rio de Janeiro to work as a speaker for Rádio Tupi. After awhile, he succeeded in singing in the Jovem Guarda style, recording his first album in 1966 with “O Chorão” (Edson Mello/Luís Keller). In 1967, he released his LP Brasil, Brasa, Brasileiro and started to write songs with a more focused approach and then recording his biggest hits three years later with “Um Chope Pra Distrair” and “Quero Voltar Pra Bahia,” both in collaboration with Odibar, on the album Quero Votar Pra Bahia. Paulo Diniz (1971) had two other hits, “Pingos de Amor” (Odibar/Diniz) and “O Meu Amor Chorou” (Luiz Marçal Neto). After 1973, he dedicated himself to put music to poems by Carlos Drummond de Andrade (having a hit the next year with “E Agora, José?”), Augusto dos Anjos, Manoel Bandeira, and Gregório de Matos. In 1978, he had success with “Me Leva Morena” (with Marconi Norato/Juhareiz Correya) and “Severina Cooper (It’s Not Mole Não)” (Accioly Neto), from the LP É Marca Ferrada.

Do not miss Paulo Diniz – Quero Voltar pra Bahia (1970), at Loronix.

Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.