Quinteto Violado – A Feira (1974)

16 02 2013

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Quinteto Violado - A Feira (1974)

Quinteto Violado - A Feira - Interno

It was really kind of JOAO-SP sending the third Quinteto Violado career LP to our community. I did not have any previous contact with Quinteto Violado music before Loronix and among their three albums available; this is the one that I like most. Quinteto Violado has a vast discography, counting more than 80 albums, including compilations, singles and participations. JOAO-SP contributions are not over and from now one will be more focused on the Choro style, favorite of several friends. Let’s see.

This is Quinteto Violado – A Feira (1974), for Philips, featuring this fantastic cover with a picture of a Feira in the border of a river in Northeast, which I don’t have idea about the river name and where this photo was taken, our friends from the Northeast will provide the answers to us. The repertoire features songs by Luiz Gonzaga, Humberto Teixeira, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Geraldo Vandre, Fernando Lona and others, performed with nice instrumental and vocal arrangements. Tracks include:

01 – Assum Preto (Humberto Teixeira / Luis Gonzaga)
02 – Pau-de-arara (Luis Gonzaga / Guio de Morais)
03 – Procissão (Gilberto Gil)
04 – O Gemedor (Gilvan Chaves)
05 – Ave Maria (Caetano Veloso)
06 – Dona Aninha (Toinho Alves / Roberto Santana)
07 – Disparada (Geraldo Vandré / Theo de Barros)
08 – Terra Terra (Toinho Alves / Marcelo Melo)
09 – A Lua Girou (Fernando Lona / Julio Ricardo)
10 – Ave Maria dos Retirantes (Alcyvando Luz / Carlos Coquejo)
11 – O Bom Vaqueiro (Zé da Luz / Adpt. Roberto Santana / Adpt. Marcelo Melo)


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Quinteto Violado – Berra Boi (1973)

26 01 2013

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Quinteto Violado -  Berra Boi (1973)

Quinteto Violado is an important Brazilian group that never had an adequate approach at Loronix. Only one album is so far available, which is Quinteto Violado self-titled debut LP (1972), perhaps their most successful album. After more than a year, I received in an interval of a couple of weeks, the second and the third Quinteto Violado albums. Taking advantage of a chronological approach, I’m presenting the second one, kindly sent by moos. The third was courtesy by JOAO-SP, saved for a later opportunity in the forthcoming weeks. Let’s see moos contribution.

This is Quinteto Violado – Berra Boi (1973), for Philips. Quinteto Violado music brings elements of the Brazilian Northeast region and folklore, blended with elements of the pop culture from the big cities. Their recording career spans more than 30 years with approximately 40 albums recorded in Brazil and overseas. It is amazing that moos found this one on a vinyl fair in Amsterdam, now I’m happy that he came back home again, at least virtually. Tracks include:


Marcelo Melo
Fernando Filizola
Luciano Pimentel
Toinho Alves

Track List

01 – Vaquejada (Toinho Alves / Luciano Pimentel / Marcelo Melo)
02 – Duda no Frevo (Senô)
03 – Três Três (Fernando Lona)
04 – Ladainha (Toinho Alves / Marcelo Melo)
05 – Engenho Novo (Fernando Filizola)
06 – Minha Ciranda (Antônio Perna / Ruy Espinheira)
07 – Pipoquinha (Sebastião Biano)
08 – Beira de Estrada (Toinho Alves / Luciano Pimentel)
09 – Baião do Quinjí (Vicente Barreto / Fábio Cardoso)
10 – Abraço ao Hermeto (Sando / Toinho Alves)
11 – Forró do Dominguinhos (Dominguinhos)
12 – De Uma Noite de Festa (Marcelo Melo / Fernando Filizola)
13 – Cavalo Marinho (Tradicional / Adpt. Luciano Pimentel / Adpt. Fernando Filizola)


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Quinteto Violado – Quinteto Violado (1972)

31 10 2011

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I swear it was accidentally, another LP with Nara Leao as special guest on two tracks. I promise, for the next two weeks I will skip future releases with Nara Leao as special guest. Anyway, let’s forget these coincidences to take a special attention to this release. This is Quinteto Violado – Quinteto Violado (1972), for Philips, the debut LP of this unique Brazilian band from the 70’s that is active until today.

This post was generated by a conversation with Refer, who suggested – correctly – some more regional music releases at Loronix with a few selected picks. We cannot go wrong with Quinteto Violado, an instrumental band that mixes standard instruments with primitives ones, such as: arremedo, matraca, ganza, etc. If this is your first time with Quinteto Violado, do not miss, it is a unique experience. Personnel for this LP is Marcelo Melo (acoustic guitar), Fernando Filizola (viola), Luciano Pimentel (percussion), Toinho Alves (bass) e Sando (fluete). The last two tracks are bonus track from the Fontana’s 1979 reissue. Tracks include (does not includes the bonus tracks).

01 – Asa Branca (Luis Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
02 – Freviola (Marcelo Melo)
03 – Santana (Fernando Filizola)
04 – Reflexo (Luciano Pimentel / Fernando Filizola / Toinho Alves)
05 – Imagens do Recife (Deda / Marcelo Melo / Toinho Alves)
06 – Roda de Ciranda (Marcelo Melo / Toinho Alves)
07 – Baião da Garoa (Luis Gonzaga / Hervé Cordovil)
08 – Acauã (Zé Dantas)
09 – Marcha Nativa dos Índios Quiriris (Toinho Alves / Marcelo Melo)
10 – Vozes da Seca (Luis Gonzaga / Zé Dantas)
11 – Agreste (Fernando Filizola / Sando)


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