Rob McCornnell & The Boss Brass – Atras da Porta (1983)

25 01 2012

Link original: Rob McCornnell & The Boss Brass – Atras da Porta (1983)
Publicado em: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 by zecalouro

Here we go again on another really above the average release by Caetano Rodrigues, truly great this time. I said before that I have limited knowledge and with the music made outside of Brazil, even if is based on Bossa Nova and Brazilian music, such like the fine releases we are having on this new and fantastic Caetano contribution.

In the other hand, I’m a parrot drove by feelings and experience accumulated by a few years as musician and several years as a music fan and avid listener. The first time someone sent me a Jazz record, my listening expectation was exactly what I just heard today when hearing this piece, full of solos, soulful arrangements, different situations throughout the record and within tracks, etc.

This is Rob McConnell & The Boss Brass – Atras da Porta (1983), for MCA. Rob McConnell is a renowned valve piston player and the Boss Brass is a awesome big band, active since the mid 70’s with several members, so many that I could not cope with the big listing. Caetano has a special appreciation for this album and I think I will get used to it very soon. The ultimate experience will be tomorrow with zecalouro, checking his parrot reaction to this big 48 minutes set. Tracks include:

01 – Flowers
02 – Jo Jos Dance
03 – Atras da Porta
04 – Amor Ate o Fim
05 – Autumn in New York
06 – Jobim Meddley
07 – Didi
08 – Bye Bye Blues

This is Rob McConnell & The Boss Brass – Atras da Porta (1983), at Loronix, here waiting to be reissued for Liquid Music label.

Hope uEnjoy!


Este disco pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco do Martoni.