Triangulo – Triangulo (1985)

13 09 2011

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This is another collector’s request, recorded live in Rio de Janeiro, Sala Cecilia Meirelles, three Brazilian Jazzists, Luiz Eca (piano), Robertinho Silva (drums) and Luiz Alves (bass) as Triangulo also known as Triangulo Trio. The year was July 1985, catching a late Luiz Eça at his best.

Triangulo released only this LP, never reissued on CD and according with Loronix Collectors, a really a hard to find recording. Tracks include:

01 – Balão (Luis Alves / Kledir Ramil / Wagner Tiso)
02 – Amando (Dori Caymmi / Nelson Motta)
03 – Triângulo (Luis Eça / Luis Alves / Robertinho Silva)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Abracadabra.