Rosa Passos – Recriacao (1979)

16 05 2012

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Several friends have been requesting this repost for months and I decided to make it and take it to the top using our new “post moving website feature. Nobody should miss this album. For those who already have it, the improvements are on cover scans, music and new information on zecalouro’s writing bellow, as follows:

Another late Loronix Debut, Rosa Passos, Brazilian singer, with her first LP never release on CD, Recriacao (1979). Rosa Passos started playing piano at the age of 3, she had everything ready for a piano career when at the age of 11, she listened to Joao Gilberto and her life has changed.

This is an amazing debut LP; all songs are Rosa Passos compositions in partnership with the poet Fernando de Oliveira. Joao Gilberto influence is very strong on Rosa’s performance, she even mention Joao at the first song of this debut LP. Tracks include:


Geraldo Vespar
Giacarlo Pareschi
Gilson Freitas
Gilson Peranzzetta
Hermes Contesini
José Menezes
(12-string guitar)
Rosa Passos
(acoustic guitar)
Wilson das Neves
Zdenek Svab

Track List

01 – Recriação (Fernando de Oliveira / Rosa Passos)
02 – Bolero de Esperar (Fernando de Oliveira / Rosa Passos)
03 – Procura-se Um Samba (Fernando de Oliveira / Rosa Passos)
04 – Estrela-cine-teatro (Fernando de Oliveira / Rosa Passos)
05 – Saudade da Bahia (Fernando de Oliveira / Rosa Passos)
06 – Fossamba (Fernando de Oliveira / Rosa Passos)
07 – Formicida Corda e Flor (Fernando de Oliveira / Rosa Passos)
08 – Caminho de Santana (Fernando de Oliveira / Rosa Passos)
09 – Noturno (Fernando de Oliveira / Rosa Passos)
10 – Ai o Fantástico (Fernando de Oliveira / Rosa Passos)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Abracadabra.