Rosinha de Valenca – Cheiro de Mato (1976)

19 04 2013

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Cheiro de Mato

Hello, good evening! Let’s start a new week with a very important artist that has not been released at Loronix since April 21, 2007, where I had the chance to show Rosinha de Valenca – Ao Vivo (1966), a fantastic collaboration sponsored by Caetano Rodrigues, a extremely hard to find album awaited by several friends. Rosinha de Valenca is a gifted musician, acknowledged by renowned people such like Baden Powell, Aloysio de Oliveira, Sergio Mendes, among others. She died recently, exactly four years ago in June 10, 2004. I would like to say thank you to Jorge Mello for making this album available to our community. Let’s see.

This is Rosinha de Valenca – Cheiro de Mato (1976), for Odeon, featuring Rosinha de Valenca playing and singing a repertoire made mostly by her own compositions. It is important to say that Elifas Andreatto is responsible for creating the covers and inserts, truly awesome, especially the back cover, which is particularly beautiful. My pick for Loronix Preview Center is track 05 – Pedacinhos do Ceu (Waldyr Azevedo / Miguel Lima), featuring the cavaquinho of Mane do Cavaco, my personal friend who lives near my place. Mane do Cavaco is a great musician; he is always in action every Saturday playing choro with his group on a restaurant just behind my building. Cheiro de Mato brings a constellation of Brazilian musicians, as detailed on Personnel listing and inside the music files. Tracks include:


Rosinha de Valenca
(violao, voice)
Perinho Albuquerque
(arrangements, violao)
Jamil Joanes
Chico Batera
Sueli Costa e Irmas De
(accordion, electric piano)
(voice at Cabocla Jurema / Xango)
Jorge Olmar
Canelinha, Geraldo Bango, Carlinhos do Pandeiro
Raul Mascarenhas, Copinha, Mauro Senise, Cacau
Joao Donato
Celia Vaz
Chiquinho Braga
(violao, arrangements)
Francis Hime

Track List

01 – Os Grilos sao Astros (Rosinha de Valenca)
02 – Meus Zelos (Rosinha de Valenca)
03 – Madrinha Lua (Rosinha de Valenca)
04 – Cabocla Jurema-Xango (Rosinha de Valenca adapt & arrangements)
05 – Usina de Prata (Rosinha de Valenca)
06 – Pedacinho do Ceu (Waldir Azevedo / Miguel Lima)
07 – Vila de Santa Tereza (Rosinha de Valenca / Elisa Marina)
08 – Chua, Chua (Pedro de Sa Pereira / Ary Pavao)
09 – Paisagem (Hamilton Costa)
10 – Movimento da Vida (Sueli Costa)



Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças ao amigo Andreas ele pode ser buscado provisoriamente na forma de um magnet link. OBS : não se esqueça de deixar semeando  depois que você terminar de baixar (uma boa razão seria pelo menos 2 vezes o que você baixar!)


Music Video | Rosinha de Valença – Medley (1983)

31 08 2012

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Publicado em: Friday, October 05, 2007 by zecalouro

Let’s watch a Rosinha de Valença performance recorded in 1983, kindly sent by Pedro Mendes, reachable at for trading his great video collection. According with Pedro, Rosinha de Valença has the accompaniment of Urgo B (bass) and Sergio Bore (percussion).
Hope uEnjoy!
Acredito que o vídeo seja esse, a seguir.

Rosinha de Valenca – Rosinha de Valenca Ao Vivo (1966)

6 03 2012

Link original: Rosinha de Valenca – Rosinha de Valenca Ao Vivo (1966)
Publicado em: Saturday, April 21, 2007 by zecalouro

I don’t have this kind of number, but I’m sure this album is among the most requested by Loronixers ever. I thought it was impossible to find. However, Caetano Rodrigues take me by surprise including this piece on his last package. With Caetano the word “impossible” seems to lose the meaning.

Since yesterday, we have been talking about this inquisitive record and how Loronixers will get surprised when read some facts about it. I think the great surprise about this album is the lack of WYSIWYG, maybe I’m reading too much technical manuals, WYSIWYG stands for “What You See is What You Get” and this is the first surprise.

Rosinha de Valenca ao Vivo was not recorded live, it is an studio album. You should believe us. I heard from the start to end, Caetano also did it and confirms. The second surprise is track list information, available at back cover and on each record side; it is completely messed up and does not match with what is heard. Caetano did the hard work and the track list you see bellow is correct. I forgot to say also that Lamento replaced the song A Banda.

This is Rosinha de Valenca – Rosinha de Valenca Ao Vivo (1966), for Forma, featuring Paulo Moura (clarinet, sax alto), Édison Machado (drums), Dório (bass), Osmar Milito (piano), Roberto Canellas (Violao, tracks. 3 and 11) and Quarteto de Cordas. Tracks include:

Osmar Milito
Paulo Moura
(sax, flute)
Edison Machado

01 – Upa Neguinho (Edu Lobo / Gianfrancesco Guarnieri)
02 – Uma Noite no Havaí (Codó)
03 – Carinhoso (Pixinguinha / João de Barro)
04 – Lamento (Pixinguinha / Vinicius de Moraes)
05 – Tema Para Luisinho (Murillo Pessoa)
06 – Você É Um Colosso (Noel Rosa)
07 – Vou Pra Valença (Rosinha de Valença)
08 – Fogo na Roça (Codó)
09 – Curta Metragem (Maurício Einhorn / Arnaldo Costa)
10 – Doce de Coco (Jacob do Bandolim)
11 – Água de Beber (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
12 – Acalanto (Dorival Caymmi)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Edison Machado.

Sivuca & Rosinha de Valenca – Gravado ao Vivo (1977)

21 02 2012

Link original: Sivuca & Rosinha de Valenca – Gravado ao Vivo (1977)
Publicado em: Saturday, March 31, 2007 by zecalouro

I miss the time when we had in Rio de Janeiro a weekly show sponsored by the government called Projeto Seis e Meia, performed at Teatro Joao Caetano. I’m not sure about that, but there were weekly shows and the day of the week was Thursday and the time 6:30pm as the name indicates. This projects lasts for years and was tailored for those who worked downtown, however, a crowd was formed around noon and probably workers had to ask someone to save a place in the big line until 6:30. It was a wonderful time. I had the chance to watch many concerts. I cannot remember this one and I’m happy make it available to Loronixers.

This is Sivuca & Rosinha de Valenca – Gravado Ao Vivo (1977), for RCA. Two wonderful artists performing together on a popular show, this is in fact the best of both worlds. The atmosphere is very relaxed with Sivuca and Rosinha telling stories and getting audience feedback. Projeto Seis e Meia was lauched in 1976 by Joao Bosco and several renowed artists engaged during years, such as: Elizeth Cardoso, Ze Ramalho, Gonzaguinha, among others. Sivuca and Rosinha de Valenca had the accompaniment of Luis Carlos (drums), Jamil Joanes (bass), Darci (percussion) and Raul Mascarenhas (sax, flute). Tracks include:

01 – Homenagem à Velha Guarda (Sivuca)
02 – Quando Me Lembro (Luperce Miranda) — Vassourinha (Mathias da Rocha / Joana Batista Ramos)
03 – Reunião de Tristeza (Sivuca)
04 – Feira de Mangaio (Sivuca / Glória Gadelha)
05 – Asa Branca (Luis Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
06 – Adeus Maria Fulô (Humberto Teixeira / Sivuca)
07 – Lamento (Pixinguinha / Vinicius de Moraes)
08 – Tema do Boneco de Palha (Vera Brasil / Sivan Castelo Neto)


Este disco pode ser buscado no 300 Discos.

Bud Shank, Joao Donato & Rosinha de Valenca – Bud Shank and his Brazilian Friends (1965)

20 02 2012

Link original: Bud Shank, Joao Donato & Rosinha de Valenca – Bud Shank and his Brazilian Friends (1965)
Publicado em: Friday, March 30, 2007 by zecalouro

When Loronix was a two months old baby, a respectful Brazilian music journalist told me about an album that should not be left behind to our community. I took his advice and a couple of days later; this record was available to Loronixers.

Now we will have the chance to make it available again on a a really better quality and the American edition cover. The first post was made on July 14, 2006 and I like my writing at that time, so I decided to bring it back again, with no changes, thanks Caetano for this more than required update.

July 14, 2006 writing:

zecalouro had great time today with a great friend. Lunchtime, nice meal we had. Music was the agenda, for sure. zecalouro could get a lot of knowledge about Brazilian instrumental music, Baden Powell, SambaJazz, Bossa Nova, etc. It was great. In the end, zecalouro received a piece of advice: “Listen to the Bud Shank, Joao Donato and Rosinha de Valença LP from Elenco (1965)”.

Since then, I’ve been with this LP and I could not stop. Recorded in 1965 for Elenco during Bud stay in Brazil, this LP has Joao Donato, Rosinha de Valença, which is a great guitar player, Sergio Mendes and his rhythm section, Tião Neto on bass and Chico Batera on drums.

… Back from the past

This is Bud Shank, Joao Donato & Rosinha de Valenca – Bud Shank and his Brazilian Friends (1965), for Pacific Jazz. Tracks include:


Bud Shank
(sax alto)
Joao Donato
Rosinha de Valenca
Tiao Neto
Chico Batera

Track List

01 – Sausalito
02 – Minha Saudade
03 – Samba do Aviao
04 – It was Night
05 – Silk Stop
06 – Caminho de Casa
07 – Um Abraco no Bonfa
08 – Once I Loved You
09 – Sambou, Sambou
10 – Tristeza em Mim


Este disco pode ser buscado no Br-Instrumental. A outra versão da capa (a brasileira) segue abaixo:

Music Video | Rosinha de Valenca – Acalanto

9 01 2012

Link original: Music Video | Rosinha de Valenca – Acalanto
Publicado em: Sunday, February 11, 2007 by zecalouro


Hello, Good Night! We had one of those summer rainstorms today in Rio de Janeiro. I was concentrated on something and could only understand the rain approaching when I had to turn lights on at 2pm and hearing zeca saying “Boa, Noite!” “Mimi, Papai!”. In the middle of the rainstorm, the lights went off and we had to wait a couple of hours until it gets back to normal. That’s why I’m a little bit late today.

Since I’m late, I will start with a music video that should thrill you, Rosinha de Valenca performing a solo guitar rendition of Acalanto (Dorival Caymmi), followed by Dom Salvador (piano), Rubens Bassini (percussion), Chico Batera (drums), J.T. Meirelles (flute) and Sergio Barroso (bass). A real treat to be watched several times.

Hope uEnjoy!

Rosinha de Valenca e Waltel Branco – Violao em Dois Estilos (1980)

26 09 2011

Link original: Rosinha de Valenca e Waltel Branco – Violao em Dois Estilos (1980)
Publicado em: Thursday, November 02, 2006 by zecalouro 

Hello, Good night! Everybody is excited with the new Laurindo Almeida blog announced yesterday. I’m also happy, the video with The Modern Jazz Quartet is truly amazing and those impossible to find Laurindo Almeida LPs are unique.

Let’s take advantage of this “guitar” mood with a LP that brings together two legends of Brazilian guitar playing, Rosinha de Valenca e Waltel Branco – Violao em Dois Estilos (1980), for Som Livre, never released on CD and very hard to find.

I’m always reluctant to say if an album is good or not, but I’m breaking this rule now: nice record. Rosinha and Waltel do not play together, Rosinha performs tracks 01 to 05 and Waltel Branco guitar can be heard on tracks 06 to 11. Bass, drums and piano accompanies some tracks, while others are just acoustic guitar solo, unfortunately, personnel in the set is not listed. Tracks include:

01 – Porto das Flores (Rosinha de Valença)
02 – Asa Branca (Luis Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
03 – Valsa de Euridice (Vinicius de Moraes)
04 – Bala Com Bala (João Bosco / Aldir Blanc)
05 – Morena do Mar (Dorival Caymmi)
06 – Bachiana Nº 5 (Villa-Lobos)
07 – Ponteio (Waltel Branco)
08 – Siciliana (Maria Thereza Paradis) version: Waltel Blanco
09 – Diferenças Sobre Guarda-me Las Vacas (Luis de Novaes) version: Waltel Blanco
10 – Minueto (Johann Sebastian Bach) version: Waltel Blanco
11 – Prelúdio Nº 13 (Johann Sebastian Bach) version: Waltel Blanco


Este disco pode ser buscado no Abracadabra.

Rosinha de Valenca, Sylvia Telles & Edu Lobo with Dom Salvador Trio – Folklore e Bossa Nova do Brazil (1966)

13 09 2011

I can file and track down every request and recommendation made by Loronixers, but seems to be imposible so far to associate the requests with requesters, specially one so hard to track down such as this nice LP with the participation of several Brazilian starts recorded for the label MPS/Basf in 1966, Germany.

The whole story is so far unknow, but this studio record has together on the set Chico Batera, Dom Salvador, Edu Lobo, J.T. Meirelles, Jorge Arena, Rosinha de Valenca, Rubens Bassini and Sylvia Telles. Some websites reports a not credited participation of Baden Powell, which is something to be checked. Who has the whole story about this? If any friend has additional info, please write us on comments. Tracks will be given with detailed participation on each track.

01 – Macumba (Tradicional) – Performed by: Rubens Bassini / Jorge Arena
02 – Uma Noite (Codó) – Performed by: Rosinha de Valença
03 – Tema Pro Luis (Murillo Pessoa) – Performed by: Rosinha de Valença
04 – O Orvalho Vem Caindo (Noel Rosa) – Performed by: Meirelles
05 – Barquinho (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli) – Performed by: Meirelles
06 – Meu Fraco É Café Forte (Dom Salvador) – Performed by: Dom Salvador
07 – Discussão (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça) – Performed by: Silvinha Telles
08 – Upa Neguinho (Edu Lobo / Gianfrancesco Guarnieri) – Performed by: Edu Lobo
09 – Dindi (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira) – Performed by: Silvinha Telles
10 – Pra Dizer Adeus (Edu Lobo / Torquato Neto) – Performed by: Edu Lobo
11 – Berimbau (Baden Powell) – Performed by: Jorge Arena / Chico Batera / Rosinha de Valença / Edu Lobo / Silvinha Telles — Cuíca (Chico Batera) – Performed by: Rosinha de Valença / Silvinha Telles / Edu Lobo / Chico Batera / Jorge Arena — Cavaquinho (Rosinha de Valença) – Performed by: Chico Batera / Jorge Arena / Edu Lobo / Silvinha Telles / Rosinha de Valença — Tristeza (Haroldo Lobo) – Performed by: Rosinha de Valença / Silvinha Telles / Edu Lobo / Jorge Arena / Chico Batera


• Track 1: Rubens Bassini e Jorge Arena (Atabaque) e Chico Batera (Agogô)
• Track 2: Rosinha de Valença (Violão)
• Track 3: Rosinha de Valença (Violão), Sergio (Baixo), Meirelles (Reco-reco), Chico (Tamborim), Jorge Arena (Atabaque) e Rubens Bassini (Pandeiro)
• Track 4: Meirelles (Sax tenor), Chico Batera (Bateria), Sergio (Baixo, Reco-reco), Dom Salvador (Piano, Agogô), Rubens Bassini (Pandeiro) e Jorge Arena (Atabaque)
• Track 5: Meirelles (Flauta), Dom Salvador (Piano), Sergio (Baixo) e Chico Batera (Bateria)
• Track 6: Dom Salvador (Piano), Sergio (Baixo) e Chico Batera (Bateria)
• Track 7: Rosinha de Valença (Tamborim), Rubens Bassini (Pandeiro), Chico Batera (Bateria), Sergio (Baixo) e Dom Salvador (Piano)
• Track 8: Edu Lobo (Violão), Salvador (Piano), Sergio (Baixo), Chico Batera (Bateria), Meirelles (Fluta), Rubens Bassini (Percussão, Atabaque), e Jorge Avena (Atabaque)
• Track 9: Rosinha de Valença (Violão)
• Track 10: Edu Lobo (Violão), Meirelles (Flauta), Dom Salvador (Piano), Chico Batera (Bateria) e Sergio (Baixo)
• Track 11: Rosinha de Valença (Violão, Cavaquinho), Jorge Arena (Berimbau, Tom-tom), Chico Batera (Cuíca, Bateria), Dom Salvador (Piano), Rubens Bassini (Pandeiro), Sergio (Baixo, Tamborim), Meirelles (Flauta, Tamborim)


Como não está disponível em nenhum local, estamos disponibilizando provisoriamente na forma de um magnet link. OBS: não se esqueça de deixar semeando  depois que você terminar de baixar (uma boa razão seria pelo menos 2 vezes o que você baixar!)


Rosinha de Valenca – Rosinha de Valenca Apresenta Ipanema Beat (1970)

5 08 2011

Link original: Rosinha de Valenca – Rosinha de Valenca Apresenta Ipanema Beat (1970)
Publicado em: Saturday, July 22, 2006 by zecalouro

Rosinha de Valenca is a Brazilian guitar player, active in the 60’s and 70’s. Acclaimed by renowned artists, such as: Baden Powell, Aloysio de Oliveira, Sergio Mendes (Rosinha was member of Brazil 65, performing a tour with Sergio Mendes in the US), Maria Bethania, and others.

Rosinha career was prematurely ended in 1992 due a brain injury caused by a heart attach and has passed in 2004.

Rosinha is another of those amazing Brazilian artists that are acclaimed internationally but almost unrecognized by Brazilian media and public.

This LP, Rosinha de Valenca Apresenta Ipanema Beat, was recorded in South Africa (1970). Considered by many as an “experimental” album, this LP is in fact very different from other Rosinha de Valenca releases. Duncam McKay (keyboard), at the age of 19, took part on the set, giving the record a kind of symphonic progressive rock flavor, making this out of the standard Rosinha LP a cult piece for Bossa Nova collectors.


Não tinha este disco. Porém, graças à contribuição do amigo James (ver comentários)  e do Fulano Sicrano, hoje ele está disponível no Um que Tenha.