Sambistas do Asfalto – Assim e o Samba (1960) with Astor Silva

6 04 2012

Link original: Sambistas do Asfalto – Assim e o Samba (1960) with Astor Silva
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Hello! Good Evening! Just want to start announcing that the gift to the winner of Loronix All Countries celebration is already defined, the involved parts reach an agreement and we have green lights to show it tomorrow. Believe-me, it is a truly amazing gift the winner will be receiving this time. It will fit nice to people in Brazil and outside of Brazil. Stay tuned for forthcoming announces. That’s right.

Our second and last Samba dope of the weekend is provided by Moos, from The Netherlands. Moos has a respectable collection. He sent me a picture of him among his LPs, in a first sight I thought he took the photo at a record store, I was wrong.

This is Sambistas do Asfalto – Assim e o Samba (1960), for Damic. There are several surprises Moos please us with this pretty unknown group. Os Sambistas do Asfalto is directed by the legendary Astor Silva that takes also trombone playing, additionally, we have renowned musicians, such like Copinha (flute), Moacyr Marques (sax tenor), among others, everything is provided on personnel listing. Thanks for this album Moos, I think Sambistas do Asfaltos is known by only a few Loronixers and they really deserve our attention. Tracks include:

PersonnelRaul Moreno Jair Avelar Zezinho Raul Sampaio Copacabana Cosme Teixeira
(vocals)Astor Silva
(musical direction, trombone)
(clarinet, sax alto)
Zequinha Marinho
Moacyr Marques
(sax tenor)
Arno, Bucy, Gilberto, Marcal and Raul

Track List

01 – Arrasta a Sandália (Osvaldo Vasques “Baiaco” / Aurélio Gomes)
02 – Máguas de Vagabundo (Valdrido Silva / Osvaldo Silva)
03 – Izaura (Herivelto Martins / Roberto Roberti)
04 – Pelo Amor Que Eu Tenho a Ela (Ataulfo Alves / Antônio Almeida)
05 – Foi Ela (Ary Barroso)
06 – Fui Louco (Alcebíades Barcelos “Bide”)
07 – De Babado (Noel Rosa / João Mina)
08 – Ela (Herivelto Martins / Príncipe Pretinho)
09 – Dinheiro Não Há (Benedito Lacerda / H. Alvarenga)
10 – A Morena Que Eu Gosto (Wilson Batista / Marino Pinto)
11 – Fita Amarela (Noel Rosa)
12 – Provei (Noel Rosa / Vadico)


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças aos amigos Eliane e Martoni, ele agora pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco.