Secos e Molhados – Secos e Molhados (1974)

6 02 2013

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Secos e Molhados - Secos e Molhados (1974)Hello, good evening! My apologies for the five hours outage we had tonight on Find It, Loronix Preview Center, Forum, video and panorama display services and Realejo. These services run out of the domain and the servers that support these complimentary features went down. I had to work hard with the support team to put some urgency to make the repair; it was a very stressing night. In the other hand, I could realize the importance of these tiny applications that I have been creating across the last two years. Loronix is not the same without them. Anyway, everything is now up and running and the show must go on with something different and one of my favorite albums from the 70’s. Let’s see.

This is Secos e Molhados – Secos e Molhados (1974), for Continental, the second and last album of this legendary group, a mind opener for a whole generation of music lovers. The first Secos e Molhados album is already available at Loronix and I got a little bit disappointed with no comments received so far. I hope this one makes a best career, receiving feedbacks from our community. In spite of several reviews saying this second album is just for completionists, this is the one I like most, superior on several aspects from their first. Loronix Preview Center features 02 – Flores Astrais, their blockbuster, but any track deserves to be at our test drive center. Tracks include:


Secos & Molhados

Ney Matogrosso
Joao Ricardo
(violao, vocal, harmonica)
Gerson Conrad

(violao, bass)
(violao, guitar)
Triana Romero
(piano, organ)
Jorge Omar

Track List

01 – Tercer Mundo (João Ricardo / Julio Cortázar)
02 – Flores Astrais (João Ricardo / João Apolinário)
03 – Não Não Digas Nada (João Ricardo / Fernando Pessoa)
04 – Medo Mulato (João Ricardo / Paulinho Mendonça)
05 – Oh Mulher Infiel (João Ricardo)
06 – Vôo (João Ricardo / João Apolinário)
07 – Angústia (João Ricardo / João Apolinário)
08 – O Hierofante (João Ricardo / Oswald de Andrade)
09 – Caixinha de Música do João (João Ricardo) Instrumental
10 – O Doce e o Amargo (João Ricardo / Paulinho Mendonça)
11 – Preto Velho (João Ricardo)
12 – Delírio (Gerson Conrad / Paulinho Mendonça)
13 – Toda & Rock & Mambo & Tango & Etc (João Ricardo / Luhli)


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Arquivos Tio Sam. Lá ele está disponível em um 2 em 1, contendo também o primeiro disco dos Secos e Molhados.

Secos & Molhados – Secos & Molhados (1973)

28 02 2012

Link original: Secos & Molhados – Secos & Molhados (1973)
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I was very reluctant to release this post, since Loronix first day. This is not the music that we are used to see on this little space. However, they are part of Brazilian popular music history and if you neglect them you are not telling the true story. I love these guys; they were part of my childhood opening up my mind to another kind of music.

This album sold 700,000 copies in 1973. We can say that Secos & Molhados was a revolutionary band, making the bridge between Bossa Nova, Tropicalismo until the embryo of Brazilian Rock. They released two albums and then were dissolved. Perhaps the story of Brazilian Rock would be completely different if they move further. Let’s see what we have here.

This is Secos & Molhados – Secos & Molhados (1973), for Copacabana. I will take Alvaro Neder review from AMG to describe this album, take a special attention on how they mix electric guitars with Brazilian percussion on unique arrangements. The bass playing is superb with arrangements by the friends Joao Ricardo and Gerson Conrad. I’m making a video with two big hits from this album, Sangue Latino and O Vira. Don’t let these tunes cheat you, they are only the most popular tunes and do not preview the full album. Tracks include:

AMG Review

This is the debut album from the group Secos e Molhados. It was a boom from the start, and several tracks became overnight hits throughout Brazil. Ney Matogrosso, the lead singer, took the hearts of Brazilian people with his ambivalent sexual identity, his sopranino voice, and extravagant adornments. It was natural that he departed for a highly successful solo career one year after this release, which has since then been converted in a cult album, until today tenderly regarded and played through Brazil. The members had no connection with Tropicália, which had occurred almost ten years before, but the album is a direct product of that movement. The kaleidoscope of rhythms, from American blues to the Portuguese “vira,” melted in pop renditions with plenty of overdriven guitars and Brazilian percussion, intended to provide a Brazilian-based psychedelic atmosphere on an album full of artistic sincerity.


Ney Matogrosso
Joao Ricardo
(vocal, violao, harmonica)
Gerson Conrad
(vocal, bass)

Track List

01 – Sangue Latino (João Ricardo / Paulinho Mendonça)
02 – O Vira (João Ricardo / Luhli)
03 – O Patrão Nosso de Cada Dia (João Ricardo)
04 – Amor (João Apolinário / João Ricardo)
05 – Primavera nos Dentes (João Apolinário / João Ricardo)
06 – Assim Assado (João Ricardo)
07 – Mulher Barriguda (João Ricardo / Solano Trindade)
08 – El Rey (João Ricardo / Gerson Conrad)
09 – Rosa de Hiroshima (Gerson Conrad / Vinicius de Moraes)
10 – Prece Cósmica (João Ricardo / Cassiano Ricardo)
11 – Rondó do Capitão (João Ricardo / Manuel Bandeira)
12 – As Andorinhas (João Ricardo / Cassiano Ricardo)
13 – Fala (João Ricardo / Luhli)


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