Sexteto do Beco – Sexteto do Beco (1980)

16 09 2011

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This is the LP from the Brazilian instrumental band Sexteto do Beco, released independently in 1980 and now a very hard to find vinyl pursuit worldwide by collectors.

Three students of a University in Bahia from Brazil Northeast, Bahia State, found Sexteto do Beco. Actually, Sexteto do Beco has 18 members, but started as a sextet and kept the name until the end. They released only this self-titled LP, recorded and mixed in only eight days. Take this as one of the legendary albuns of Brazilian instrumental music.

Sexteto do Beco is Aderbal Duarte e Thomas Gruetz (acoustic guitar – Ovation), Antônio Sarquis (bass), Guilherme Maia (electric bass), Zeca Freitas (electric piano), Guillermo Migoya (drums), Francisco Cabral (percussion), Andrea Daltro (voice), Sergio Souto, Oscar Dourado, Paulo Andrade, Samuel Motta and Paulo Bento (flute), Marco Esteves (sax), Tuzé de Abreu (sax), Valéu Cerqueira (sax), Juraci Pereira (trumpet) and Gerson Barbosa (trombone). Tracks include:

01 – Flutuando (Aderbal Duarte)
02 – Siamass (Thomas Gruetz)
03 – Kiua (Sergio Souto)
04 – Suíte 312 (Aderbal Duarte)
05 – Águas Cristalinas (Samuel Motta)
06 – Cromossamba (Aderbal Duarte)
07 – Um Segundo (Antônio Sarquis)
08 – Cantilena (Aderbal Duarte)


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