Simone – Face a Face (1977)

23 06 2012

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Here we go on another Brazilian singer never made available to Loronixers. Simone started her career in the early 70’s and had a promising beginning as one of the greatest voices of Brazilian popular music at that time. She recorded her first and self-titled album in 1973, being very popular throughout the 70’s. When entering the 80’s, Simone positioned herself as a romantic singer and got international recognition. A friend who lives in my building sent this album a long time ago. I think she will be happy to see her favorite singer at Loronix.

This is Simone – Face a Face (1977), for Odeon, perhaps the most successful Simone album, featuring several hits that everybody knows in Brazil by heart, such as: Jura Secreta, O Que Sera, Comecaria Tudo Outra Vez, among others. Odeon label made available to Simone a constellation of Brazilian musicians and arrangers. If you never had the chance to hear Simone this is a great start, her voice is unique and this is a very nice album. Tracks include:


Armando Marcal
(agogo, cincero)
Beto Guedes
Danilo Caymmi
(ganza, surdo)
Elias Pereira
Elizeu Felix, Luna
Gilson Peranzzetta
(organ, piano, electric piano)
Henrique Drach
Hermes Contesini
(cuica, reco reco)
Milton Nascimento
(arrangements, piano, violao)
Nelson Angelo
(bass, guitar, piano, violao)
(bass, piano)
Robertinho Silva
Tavinho Moura
Toninho Horta
Ze Roberto Bertrami
(moog arp)

Track List

01 – Face a Face
02 – Primeiro de Maio
03 – Reis e Rainhas do Maracatu
04 – O Que Sera
05 – Ceu de Brasilia
06 – Paixao e Fe
07 – Jura Secreta
08 – Valsa Rancho
09 – Canoa Canoa
10 – Comecaria Tudo Outra Vez


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