Sylvio Mazzucca e Sua Orquestra – Baile de Aniversario (1958)

27 08 2013

Link original: Sylvio Mazzucca e Sua Orquestra – Baile de Aniversario (1958)
Publicado em: Monday, March 23, 2009 by zecalouro


Hello, good evening! Today was one of those days that we don’t forget. I was the first out of bed, starting as planned walking outside and purchasing bread and butter for a breakfast that only exists in Brazil. Then, my 12-years old nephew taught me many interesting tricks in Photoshop, some of them of immediate application at Loronix. Later on, we decided to open and play with the inside parts of an old notebook that had his last moments of life with zeca, which destroyed everything with refinement of cruelty. We had lunch together, followed by some guitar playing. That was special for me; I could realize that even with the left hand without touching I could make it for a couple of hours. We had also a birthday cake celebrating my brother anniversary. An incredible day and a perfect closing with an album requested by many loronixers. Let’s see.

This is Sylvio Mazzucca e Sua Orquestra – Baile de Aniversario (1958), for Columbia, featuring renowned Brazilian musicians, some very hard to see on recordings, such like the sax of Jose Fereira Godinho Filho, the legendary Case, Eduardo “Lambari” Pecci from Quarteto Lambari and something that requires confirmation, Rubens Bassini using Rubens de Souza Soares, probably his real name. Maestro Sylvio Mazzucca plays the role of arranger, conductor and vibraphone player. Tracks include:


Sylvio Mazzucca
(arrangements. conduction, vibraphone)

Jose Ferreira Godinho Filho “Case”, Jose Ribamar Balby, Luis Suozzo, Eduardo “Lambari” Pecci, Mario Gomes Vieira
Gentil Contesini, Dorival Auriani, Francisco Dionizio
Orlando Bertozzi, Jose Cassetari, Edmundo Maciel
Luizinho Cangianiello
Armando Mazzucca
Jose Rezala “Turquinho”
Rubens de Souza Soares “Bassini”
Roberto Ditore
Rui Ditore

Track List

01 – Parabéns Pra Você (Happy Birthday To You) (Tradicional) – Feliz Aniversário (Alvarenga / Ranchinho) – Canção de Aniversário (Anniversary Song) (Ivanovici / Jolson / Charles Chaplin)
02 – Chá Cházinho (Sylvio Mazzuca) – With All My Heart (Marcucci / De Angelis) – Tequila (Chuck Rio)
03 – Alone (M. Craft / S. Craft) – Convite ao Samba (Denis Brean / Osvaldo Guilherme) – Não Tenho Lágrimas (Max Bulhões / Milton de Oliveira)
04 – Night Club (Sylvio Mazzuca) – Pour Elise (Ludwig Van Beethoven) – O Que É Que a Baiana Tem (Dorival Caymmi)
05 – You Turned The Tables On Me (S. D. Mitchell / Alter) – Dó Ré Mi (Fernando César) – TV Tema (Sylvio Mazzuca)
06 – Love Me Forever (G. Lynes / B. Guthrie) – Diana (Paul Anka) – Moonlight Fiesta (Ângelo Apolônio ”Poly”)


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças ao amigo Gilberto ele pode ser buscado no Músicas de Ontem.


Sylvio Mazzucca e Sua Orquestra – Baile de Sucessos Nr. 2 (1961)

10 09 2012

Link original: Sylvio Mazzucca e Sua Orquestra – Baile de Sucessos Nr. 2 (1961)
Publicado em: Monday, October 15, 2007 by zecalouro

Hello, good evening! Taking in consideration the last five or ten days, we had awesome releases at Loronix. The first Joao Gilberto 78rpm with Garotos da Lua, the live recording of A Noite do Amor, do Sorriso e da Flor, and some others that were acclaimed by Loronixers. Thank you for your feedback! Let’s start this lazy Monday on a very easy manner showing a nice album recorded by Maestro Sylvio Mazzucca in the “Para Dancar” style. Let’s see.

This is Sylvio Mazzucca e Sua Orquestra – Baile de Sucessos Nr. 2 (1961), for Columbia. Maestro Sylvio Mazzucca is gradually demonstrating that deserves to be a first tier Brazilian Maestro with his second album at Loronix. Baile de Sucessos Nr. 2 is an above the average “Para Dancar” with orchestra album where everything works really fine. Sylvio Mazzuca released several albums by Columbia and Continental in the 50’s and 60’s, but for some reason they are not easy to find. I’m announcing today or tomorrow a gallery with the most wanted records by zecalouro and Loronixers. I hope this initiative helps our quest to find some albums being tracked down by our community. Tracks include:

01 – Boato (João Roberto Kelly) Não Sabemos (Rubens Caruso)
02 – Olhos Castanhos (Alves Coelho Filho) Ninguém É de Ninguém (Umberto Silva / Toso Gomes / Luis Mergulhão)
03 – Broto Legal (H. Earnhardt) Dreamin’ (Sonhando) (B. Vorzon / T. Ellis)
04 – Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini (Pockriss / Vance) My Home Town (Paul Anka)
05 – El Vagabundo (O Vagabundo) (V. Simon / Alfredo Gil) La Pachanga (Eduardo Davidson)
06 – Mulher de Trinta (Luis Antônio) Palhaçada (Luis Reis / Haroldo Barbosa)
07 – Devaneio (Djalma Ferreira / Luis Antônio) My Love For You (A. Silver / S. Wayne)
08 – Nuestro Juramento (Benito de Jesus) I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (J. Ray)


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Parallel Realities.

Sylvio Mazzucca e Sua Orquestra – Isto e Samba (1972)

3 07 2012

Link original: Sylvio Mazzucca e Sua Orquestra – Isto e Samba (1972) 
Publicado em: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 by zecalouro

Hello, Good Evening! It is time to say goodbye to one of the best records available at Loronix at the front page. Perhaps I could leave Joao Gilberto as the first post for a week or so with the new entrants just bellow. Anyway, show must go on and the show is just starting this Tuesday. Here we go on a really above the average orchestra LP, released in 1972 and featuring a Maestro never released at Loronix. Let’s see.

This is Sylvio Mazzucca e Sua Orquestra – Isto e Samba (1972), for Continental. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I cannot remember an album in the style released in the 70’s and Maestro Sylvio Mazzucca did a great job, avoiding Bossa Nova standards and selecting a repertoire based on popular tunes from the early 70’s. Isto e Samba is solid from the start until the end, dancing and takes advantage of percussion instruments blended nicely with standard orchestra instruments. Tracks include:

01 – Encabulada (Antonio Carlos / Jocafi)
02 – Mangueira, Minha Querida Madrinha (tengo tengo) (Zuzuca)
03 – Samba de Orly (Vinicius de Moraes / Chico Buarque / Toquinho)
04 – Vai pro Lado de La (Candeia / Euclenes)
05 – Das 200 pra La (Joao Nogueira)
06 – Moca Branca da Favela (Jorge Costa)
07 – E La Se Vao Meus Aneis (Eduardo Gudin / Paulo Cesar Pinheiro)
08 – Essa Menina (Vinicius de Moraes / Toquinho)
09 – Me Deixe em Paz (Ivan Lins / Ronaldo Monteiro de Souza)
10 – Garoa Danada (Jose Di)
11 – Segure Tudo (Martinho da Vila)
12 – Independencia ou Morte (Jose Di)


Esse disco pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco do Martoni.

Quem leu o texto do post não deve ter entendido nada … disco do João Gilberto na página principal? O tal disco  (o de 1973) foi publicado no dia anterior (13 de agosto de 2007) e republicado no Loronix no dia 27 de maio de 2009. Assim, ele ainda vai aparecer aqui.