Tony Bizarro – Nesse Inverno (1977)

8 01 2012

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It has been a very long time since the last post we made with Brazilian Soul music. There are many fans of the Brazilian Soul scene crying for new posts. I like it very much, but the LPs are very hard to find and people do not use to make contributions so often. I was planning to ask Loronix Brazilian Soul consultant MOFO, for more information about Tony Bizzaro, but MOFO’s website has everything I need, Good Times at
This is Tony Bizarro – Nesse Inverno (1977), for Columbia. Tony Bizarro is an icon of Brazilian Black music and this is his first LP, recorded with no formal Columbia authorization when Tony was left alone at Columbia on his boss was traveling. MOFO said that Tony Bizarro was fired when his plans were discovered, but later, his boss heard the tapes and decided to release this album, for our pleasure. Tracks include:01 – Não Vai Mudar (Tulla / Yara / Robson Jorge)
02 – Nesse Inverno (Carlos Lemos / Tony Bizarro)
03 – Quem Sou Eu Quem É Você (Yara / Tulla)
04 – Não Pode (Tulla / Yara)
05 – Adeus Amigo Vagabundo (Tributo a Brian Jones) (Frankye Adriano / Tony Bizarro)
06 – Vai Com Deus (Carlos Lemos / Tony Bizarro)
07 – Enquanto a Gente Viver (Mauro Motta / Robson Jorge)
08 – Não Vejo a Hora (Yara / Tulla)
09 – Que Se Faz da Vida (Tulla / Yara)
10 – Como Está Não Faz Sentido (Tony Bizarro)

This is Tony Bizarro – Nesse Inverno (1977), at Loronix.

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