Tony Dirne – Bossa Novas | The Netherlands

8 04 2012

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Here we go on Netherlands, one of the countries that I never been before and for life and culture I would love to visit one day. Caetano sent this album to our Netherlands celebration; it was recorded and produced by Tony Dime for Capriola label. So far, this is everything that I know. The album is so good and it is so hard to find music from The Netherlands that Bossa Novas is the best Caetano’s pick for Music from All Countries.

This is Tony Dirne – Bossa Novas (70’s), for Capriola. Bossa Novass belongs to a series of albums released by Capriola that are tracked down by vinyl collectors and they are very easy to identify, all cover has a photo framed by that same shape with a different color in the background. If you are in the mood of hearing well-played instrumental music with sax, piano, bass and drums delivered by our friends from The Netherlands, this is the album for you. Tracks include:

01 – Montara
02 – Going Home
03 – The Night Goes On
04 – Just Nova
05 – Big Band Bossa
06 – Cora Colana
07 – Charly’s Birthday
08 – Funny Flute
09 – Rue Antilope
10 – Micky Mouse
11 – Sunbox
12 – Sometimes
13 – Pick Up
14 – Getz on Board

Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças aos amigos Bili e Martoni, ele pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco.

It is impossible to show Netherlands without showing a bike. It is one of the countries that I would like to visit one day to make good bike rides in Amsterdam and see how people, cars and bikes harmonizes together. The Netherlands is country number 9 in last year Loronix visitors charts with 80 cities visiting Loronix with Amsterdam taking the lead with 60% of all visits.

Moos is the Loronixer that probably guides all Amsterdam visits, he is very connected with Brazil even speaking a perfect Portuguese. Thanks all friends from the Netherlands your support was really strong in the last year and do not miss Caetano’s music from the Netherlands.

Thanks, zecalouro