Triste Janero – Meet Triste Janero (1968) USA Bossa Nova

17 08 2011

Link original: Triste Janero – Meet Triste Janero (1968) USA Bossa Nova
Publicado em: Sunday, August 20, 2006 by zecalouro

zecalouro is felling miserable again today with this hard flu he got. He woke up fine this morning but had the stupid idea to take his recumbent to meet some friends at Aterro do Flamengo. In spite the effort to pedal almost 10 kilometers, zecalouro got a heavy shower when coming back to his cage. Stupid bird that would be resting quiet at home instead of going out.

Our great Loronix friend Refer gave the idea of posting some sort of “international” Bossa Nova, such like the previous Polish EP. Thanks Refer, that’s what zecalouro will try to manage. Good ideia.

This is the time to meet a Bossa Nova band from USA, Triste Janero, with the 1968 LP Meet Triste Janero. Triste Janero was born in Dallas, released this LP and then disappeared leaving only this nice BossaJazz easy-listening pop album.

They meant to name the band – Sad January – with the words in Portuguese Triste Janeiro, but they probably got Janero from Spanish instead of Portuguese. Another thing came to zecalouro attention, if the band is Triste Janero (sad January), why they are so happy running together and smiling inside these hippie clothes?

Who cares?


Este disco pode ser buscado no Small Town Pleasures.