Turibio Santos – Choros do Brasil (1977)

5 12 2012

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Turibio Santos - Choros do Brasil (1977)

Turibio Santos - Choros do Brasil (1977)-BACK

Hello, good evening! Here we go on another Turibio Santos release, one of the great surprises and a great lesson learned this year at Loronix. Turibio Santos is truly a worldwide acclaimed musicians, much more than I thought. Every out of print album by Turibio Santos creates a great response by Loronixers, in terms of feedback given and number of downloads. This one is really special and for my surprise, never had a CD reissue. Let’s see.

This is Turibio Santos – Choros do Brasil (1977), for Tapecar, which is Turibio Santos first album dedicated to the Choro genre, and with most of the repertoire based on compositions by the acclaimed Joao Pernambuco. Raphael Rabello, Jonas, Joao Pedro and Chaplin, top-notch Choro musicians, back Turibio Santos. I think this should be a real treat for everybody. Tracks include:


Turibio Santos
Raphael Rabello
(violao 7 cordas)
Joao Pedro

Track List

1. Dengoso (João Pernambuco)
2. Graúna (João Pernambuco)
3. Choro da Saudade (Agustin Barrios)
4. Sons de Carrilhões (João Pernambuco)
5. Interrogando (João Pernambuco)
6. Pó de Mico (João Pernambuco)
7. Xodó da Baiana (Dilermando Reis)
8. Choro Triste (Alfredo de Medeiros)
9. Tristezas de Um Violão (Garoto)
10. Carioca 1 (Nicanor Teixeira)
11. Carioca 1 e 2 (Nicanor Teixeira)
12. Magoado (Dilermando Reis)
13. Doutor Sabe Tudo (Dilermando Reis)


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Turibio Santos – Villa Lobos (1971)

25 07 2012

Link original: Turibio Santos – Villa Lobos (1971)
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Hello, Good Evening! I was browsing past statistics today and I noticed those few classical music albums releases in the past month had a great interest of our community. I’m talking about Encontro, the collaboration between Clara Sverner, Turibio Santos, Paulo Moura and Olivia Byington, Turibio Santos first LP for Caravelle and Maria Lucia Godoy, O Canto da Amazonia with Neco’s guitar. The numbers are really surprising with Maria Lucia Godoy and Turibio Santos being the leaders. Let’s make Loronix goes classical again.

This is Turibio Santos – Villa Lobos (1971), for MIS and issued by RCA Victor, the second Turibio Santos tribute to the Brazilian Maestro Heitor Villa Lobos, recorded in Paris. This is a truly beautiful record, Side A has Turibio Santos accompanied by Orquestra de Camara Jean-Francois Paillard, featuring flute, oboe, sax, celesta and harp, performing Sexteto Mistico, composed by Villa Lobos in 1917. Side B is Turibio Santos guitar performing alone five Villa Lobos preludios. It is hard to say which is the nicest side, but I had a slight preference for Side B, it is very nice to hear Turibio Santos performing alone. I urge Loronixers to feedback this release using comments section. Tracks include:


Turibio Santos

Orquestra de Camara Jean-Francois Paillard

Maxence Larrieu
Lucien Debray
Henri-Rene Pollin
Turibio Santos
Francois-Joel Thiolljer
Lily Laskine
Jean-Francois Paillard

Track List

01 – Concerto Para Violão & Pequena Orquestra (Villa-Lobos)
01 – Alegro Preciso
01 – Andantino
01 – Andante
01 – Cadenza
01 – Allegro Non Troppo

02 – Prelúdios (Villa-Lobos)
02 – Nº 1 em Mi Menor
02 – Nº 2 em Mi Maior
02 – Nº 3 em Lá Menor
02 – Nº 4 em Mi Menor
02 – Nº 5 em Ré Maior


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Turibio Santos – Villa Lobos | 12 Estudos para Violao (1963)

30 06 2012

Link original: Turibio Santos – Villa Lobos | 12 Estudos para Violao (1963)
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This is for musicians, guitar aficionados, classical music lovers and anyone who wants to know more about the origins of the way of playing an instrument that has a great identification with the music from Brazil, the violao (acoustic guitar). This album has a series of violao estudos written by Maestro Heitor Villa Lobos in 1929, performed by Turibio Santos, a gifted classical violao player more than 40 years ago. I think this quick and very hard to build introduction is solid enough to get your attention to this great album.

This is Turibio Santos – Villa Lobos | 12 Estudos para Violao (1963), for Caravelle. Making a fast Internet research on Villa Lobos 12 Estudos para Violao it clear these twelve pieces are really a reference for any serious musician. This is also Turibio Santos debut LP, the first step of one of the most important classical guitar performers in Brazil with more than 40 albums recorded. These very old Turibio Santos renditions to Villa Lobos Estudos are considered the best interpretation of this anthological set of compositions. I’m really proud to own the original vinyl issue of this first Turibio Santos LP, the vinyl transfer sounds excellent and FLAC files are also available to maximize your experience. Tracks include:

01 – Estudo Nº 1 Em Mi Menor (Villa-Lobos)
02 – Estudo Nº 2 Em Lá Maior (Villa-Lobos)
03 – Estudo Nº 3 Em Ré Maior (Villa-Lobos)
04 – Estudo Nº 4 Em Sol Maior (Villa-Lobos)
05 – Estudo Nº 5 Em Dó Maior (Villa-Lobos)
06 – Estudo Nº 6 Em Mi Menor (Villa-Lobos)
07 – Estudo Nº 7 Em Mi Menor (Villa-Lobos)
08 – Estudo Nº 8 Em Dó Sustenido MenorR (Villa-Lobos)
09 – Estudo Nº 9 Em Fá Sustenido Menor (Villa-Lobos)
10 – Estudo Nº 10 Em Si Menor (Villa-Lobos)
11 – Estudo Nº 11 Em Si Menor (Villa-Lobos)
12 – Estudo Nº 12 Em Lá Menor (Villa-Lobos)


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Paulo Moura, Clara Sverner, Turibio Santos e Olivia Byington – Encontro (1984)

24 06 2012

Link original: Paulo Moura, Clara Sverner, Turibio Santos e Olivia Byington – Encontro (1984) 
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Here is an album were Brazilian popular music meets Brazilian classical music on a breathtaking and unique session, one of a kind at Loronix and very hard to review and describe by this humble parrot. Encontro is a live performance of four artists, Paulo Moura, Clara Sverner, Turibio Santos and Olivia Byington, recorded on two different sessions in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. I think you should not miss this one, let’s see.

This is Paulo Moura, Clara Sverner, Turibio Santos e Olivia Byington – Encontro (1984), for Quarup. Paulo Moura has been with us in the earlier posts and it is well known to Loronxiers. Clara Sverner is an eurudite pianist and also a researcher on forgotten composers of Brazilian music, Clara Sverner has been recording with Paulo Moura since the early 80’s and their albums are also a perfect example of blending of Classical and Popular music. Turibio Santos is one of the most important classical guitar instrumentalists in Brazil, he has recorded more than 40 albums and makes also the bridge between classic and popular music with a great work of recording old composers. Olivia Byington is an acclaimed Brazilian singer and delivers nice vocals on Heitor Villa Lobos compositions. The repertoire is a mix of several styles. You should not miss this one. Tracks include:

01 – Suite Nordestina (Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira) – Turibio Santos
02 – Viola Quebrada (Brazilian Folklore with Villa Lobos Harmonization) – Turibio Santos & Olivia Byington
03 – The Entertainer (Scott Joplin) – Clara Sverner
04 – Ragtime (Erik Satie) – Clara Sverner
05 – Genea (Chiquinha Gonzaga) – Paulo Moura & Clara Sverner
06 – O Trenzinho Caipira (Villa Lobos) – Paulo Moura, Turibio Santos & Clara Sverner
07 – Bachianas Brasileiras Nr. 5 (Villa Lobos) – Quarteto
08 – Eu e a Brisa (Johnny Alf) – Paulo Moura & Olivia Byington
09 – Fantasia (Ronaldo Miranda) – Paulo Moura & Clara Sverner
10 – Modinha (Antonio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) – Turibio Santos & Olivia Byington
11 – Je Te Veux (Erik Satie / Nelson Motta) – Clara Sverner & Olivia Byington
12 – Berceuse (Victor Assis Brasil) Arrangements by Joao Carlos Assis Brasil – Paulo Moura & Clara Sverner
13 – Le Petit Negre (Claude Debussy) – Paulo Moura & Clara Sverner
14 – Manha de Carnaval (Luiz Bonfa / Antonio Maria) – Quarteto


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