Vic Damone – Stay with Me (1966)

4 02 2012

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Let’s move to the international Bossa Nova post of the day, always a great surprise by Caetano Rodrigues. Here we go on a singer that I have some child memories of hearing it at my parents’ place, Vic Damone, an Italian-America smooth baritone that was compared to Frank Sinatra in his early years. I also remember Vic Damone as a film actor and perhaps he is more identified in Brazil as an actor, in spite of being essentially a singer.

This is Vic Damone – Stay with Me (1966), for RCA Victor, Vic Damone tribute to Bossa Nova, featuring five Antonio Carlos Jobim tunes, How Insensitive, Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars, Meditation, The Girl From Ipanema and Once I Loved. Mario Albanese is also listed with Pretty Butterfly. Mon was looking the covers sent by Caetano today and she stopped on this one asking if this Captain James T. Kirk record was good or not. Mon is always right. In fact, Vic Damone looks very much like Willian Shattner, the legendary Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek Series and Movie Film. Tracks include:

01 – Pretty Butterfly
02 – Meditation
03 – Once I Loved
04 – How Insensitive
05 – Girl from Ipanema
06 – You Are
07 – Stay with Me
08 – Someone to Light up my Fire
09 – Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
10 – Shadow of your Smile
11 – Sinnig Sea
12 – Time for Love


Este disco pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco do Martoni.