Vincent Herring – Jobim for Lovers (1999)

25 12 2011

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… and we’re back! I have been trying to understand this album title since the association of the couple and the title can lead you to understand that it is an album for lovers – people who are in love to each other – based on Antonio Carlos Jobim composition. Once again, I was wrong. Jobim for Lovers is Antonio Carlos Jobim for people who Loves Antonio Carlos Jobim. A rephrase is required; I would make it again as “Jobim for Jobim Lovers”. If you understand what I’m trying to say…

This is Vincent Herring – Jobim for Lovers (1999), for Music Masters Jazz, featuring the empeccably well played saxophone of Vincent Herring accompanied by a three Brazilian musicians, Duduka da Fonseca, Romero Lubambo and Nilson Matta. Thanks once again to Caetano Rodrigues. I never had the chance to know how Vincent Herring blows his sax and it was a great opportunity to make it from Antonio Carlos Jobim repertoire. The bossanovadreamer will also hit the ceiling with this record. Tracks include:


Nilson Matta

Gary Fischer

Duduka da Fonseca

Romero Lubambo

Vincent Herring
(sax alto, soprano and tenor)

Track List

01 – Brigas Nunca Mais
02 – Samba do Aviao
03 – O Grande Amore
04 – One Note Samba
05 – Eu Sei que Vou te Amar
06 – Este Seu Olhar
07 – Once I Loved
08 – Wave


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