Victor Biglione – Quebra-Pedra (1989)

3 10 2012

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Victor Biglione is an Argentinean guitar player with several years of solid contribution to Brazilian music. He has a solid background, starting in 1976 at Centro Livre de Aprendizagem Musical (CLAM), which is Zimbo Trio musical school, moving later to the US to attend Berklee College of Music de Boston, Massachussets. Victor Biglione is a gifted guitarist and perform several styles, being also an active sideman in record sessions of renowned Brazilian musicians, such as: Gal Costa, Milton Nascimento, Sergio Mendes, Ivan Lins, among many others and also international artists, such as John Patitucci, Steve Hacket, Andy Summers, Lee Konitz and others. Let’s see the first Victor Biglione album at Loronix.This is Victor Biglione – Quebra-Pedra (1989), for Som Livre, which is the third Victor Biglione solo album, featuring well-known Brazilian musicians. Quebra-Pedra is a very solid instrumental Jazz Fusion album, featuring Victor Biglione compositions with the title track 01 – Quebra-Pedra by Antonio Carlos Jobim and 05 – Tostao by Milton Nascimento. My hightlights goes to Jobim tune and 08 – Black Rio, perhaps an homage to Banda Black Rio, full of brass. If you are in the mood for a breathtaking Jazz Fusion LP, this is your right pick. Tracks include:


Victor Biglione
(electric guitar, acoustic guitar, arrangements)
Andre Tandeta, Carlos Bala Gomes, Jurim Moreira
Celso Pixinga, Joao Baptista
Ze Lourenco
Marcos Suzano, Jovi
Nico Assumpcao
(acoustic bass)
Ze Lourenco
Chico Sa
(sampler effects)
Bidinho, Don Harris
Serginho Trombone

Track List

01 – Quebra-pedra (Tom Jobim)
02 – Enseada (Victor Biglione)
03 – Doctor Susan (Victor Biglione)
04 – Aguerê (Victor Biglione / Marcos Suzano / Marcos Ariel)
05 – Tostão (Milton Nascimento)
06 – Minhas Irmãs (Victor Biglione)
07 – Serra do Mar (Victor Biglione)
08 – Black Rio (Victor Biglione)

This is Victor Biglione – Quebra-Pedra (1989), at Loronix. Hope uEnjoy!


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças ao amigo Andreas ele pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.