United Kingdom Selection – Ted Heath, Victor Feldman and George Shearing | United Kingdom

9 04 2012

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This is United Kingdom time, the country that took position number 6 on last year Loronix visitor statistics. Caetano has repared something very unique and different for UK and I need to change the structure I use to present music at Loronix. W have a compilation this time, blending on a single album 3 others released by UK artists on top of Bossa Nova. Let’s see the first.

Really special one and worths all the compilation, very wise of Caetano to include only a single track from Ted Heath – Fever! Ted Heat and His Music. Caetano pick is Garota de Ipanema on top of Big Band arrangements provided by Ted Heath, which is a world wide renowned Big Band leader. Caetano took this track from an LP and for our surprise Garota de Ipanema was not included by the time Fever! was reissued on CD. Get the chance, great opportunity to hear Garota de Ipanema with Big Band arrangements.

01 – Garota de Ipanema

Here we go on second part Caetano’s compilation for UK showing Victor Feldman and 4 selected tracks from his album Victor Feldman – A Taste of Honey and a Taste of Bossa Nova. The cover artwork worth the selection and the music complements nicely. It is amazing that A Taste of Honey and a Taste of Bossa Nova is not listed on major music websites; perhaps this album did not have a CD reissue. they could make it, this music is gorgeous, Caetano’s selection will show it.

02 – On Green Dolphim Street
03 – Theme From 9073
04 – Moon River
05 – Anna

Closing our UK compilation we go with 3 selections from George Shearing – Shearing Bossa Nova Roy Bradley Quintet. George Shearing has a strong Jazz tradition being leader of one of the most popular Jazz groups in the world, the George Shearing Quintet. Caetano’s selection demonstrates what we have on this album, nice instrumental themes on top of Bossa Nova with large space for individual performances. Thanks Caetano for this wonderful gift to UK.

06 – Rio Mio
07 – Bossa Yossa
08 – Schearing a Nova


Não tinha este disco. Porém, graças aos amigos Tiobili e Martoni, ele está disponível na Rádio Forma e Elenco.