Viva Voz – Viva Voz (1979)

24 05 2012

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Hello, Good Evening! I want to make a great start today showing a vocal group from the late 70’s that is probably widely unknown among Loronixers. I don’t have this album and I would be very glad if someone takes nice cover scans to update this post later. These six friends are truly amazing and they are backed up by a constellation of Brazilian musicians, let’s see.

This is Viva Voz – Viva Voz (1979), for Odeon. Viva Voz is a vocal group, active from 1979 until 1984. They started as a sextet leaded by Ary Sperling, having several different formations during their five years of activity. I don’t know their second album, but this first is really above the average. Tracks include:


Viva Voz
Ary Sperling
Ronaldo Fernando

Oscar Castro Neves

Ivan Lins
Marcio Montarroyos
Ed Maciel
Mauricio Tapajos
Wagner Tiso
Antonio Adolfo
Wilson das Neves

Track List

01 – Tô Aqui Te Esperando (Maurício Tapajós / Paulo César Pinheiro)
02 – O Trenzinho Caipira (Villa-Lobos / Ferreira Gullar)
03 – A Voz do Brasil (Maurício Tapajós / Aldir Blanc)
04 – Canção Amiga (Milton Nascimento)
05 – Lado do Avêsso (Joyce / Ana Terra)
06 – Conquistador (Maurício Tapajós / Paulo César Pinheiro)
07 – Desesperar, Jamais (Ivan Lins / Vitor Martins)
08 – Tomara (Novelli / Paulo César Pinheiro / Maurício Tapajós)
09 – Sabor Impune (Djavan)
10 – Tarja Cravada (Sergio Ricardo)
11 – Bela Bela (Milton Nascimento / Ferreira Gullar)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.